Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I've been given this award by Lois at Matsqui Musings and Rosie at Wuddled Murds - thanks both. I have to name others to pass this on to and also do a meme of '7 weird things about me' - I'm going to think about that but I will pass the award on to 7 of my favourite bloggers:-

Catherine at Alchamillamolly, Steph at Curlew Country, Robert at Park Views, Michelle at Sitting on a Cornflake, Rowan at Circle of the Year, Paul at Distant Thoughts and Tea at Tea and Margaritas.

Just a few things about me don't know if they are weird or not:-

1) I have to read the Guardian Weekend Magazine from the back to the front - any other magazine I'll read front to back - perhaps I find the things in the back of the magazine more interesting? I don't know.

2) When I'm pegging washing outside I match the colour of the pegs to the colour of the items I'm hanging out so that they don't colour clash.

3) I have to tidy up the living room at night before going to bed - fold newspapers, plump cushions and make sure the curtains don't have gaps where the cats have gone through into the windowsill. The cushions have to be pointed end up with zips at the bottom.

4) I don't like to see the underside of ships in dry dock, dark still water or boathouses on lakes - they all make me nervous.

) I'd rather go to the dentist than the hair dresser - I hate having my hair done - stems from when I was a child and my mum used to take me to a hairdresser who used to push me face down over a bowl and then stand me on a small stool and pull me about to make me stand straight; she once nicked the back of my neck with the scissors as well.

6) I'm a morning person, I like to get going first thing when the day is new and fresh and full of promise. If I have to go out I like to get things done and be home by early afternoon because of:-

7) I really dislike the hours between 3p.m. and 6p.m. I get distracted, can't concentrate and totally slow down. Someone once told me that you were at your lowest ebb around the time you were born and as I was born at 4p.m. I can quite relate to this.

Are they suitably weird? They don't seem very unusual to me so perhaps I'm not totally weird:)


  1. Aww, thank you, although I'm not sure I deserve it! Does that mean I have to do the meme thingy too?

  2. Thanks so much too! Only seven wierd things, thank goodness, too many to mention. Hope the house interest perks up soon. Maybe everyone is feeling a bit grey themselves and haven't plucked up the courage to get out and start looking yet. Hope they do soon. loved the picture of Tommy and the tulips btw.

  3. Michelle - you don't have to do the meme if you don't want to :)

    Steph - it is a grey time of year isn't it? Glad you liked Tommy with the tulips:)

  4. Thank you Rosie. My grand-daughters have a habit of looking at one another when I sometimes say something and saying, in unison, 'weird', then looking at me and saying 'Shut up Grandad', so I will ask them to say what is weird about me. I love the pegs and the last thing at night. It's the sign of an orderly mind.

    About ten minutes ago Susan and I were talking about you and making shortcrust pastry. I said that I was going to book myself in for a lesson with you, having just followed the BeRo recipe which said use plain flour, so I sifted my bread flour. They taste OK once your teeth have cracked the pastry! Susan says she told me to use self-raising flour but I can't remember that. I also used Stork. Next time I will use butter.

    Until I see you I will think about us making pastry together. Dear me, some may think that's weird. Shall I put it on my list>

    Love Robert :-) x x x.

  5. robert - you're welcome - I wander what the girls will say? :) Is the pastry making part of your plan to feed Susan's cold? You need cool hands to make pastry and I always let it stand in the fridge for a while to cool before rolling it out - the BeRo book is the best - I couldn't bake without it.