Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tommy and the Tulips

I bought myself a bunch of yellow tulips to try to bring a bit of colour into my life, which, at the moment, seems very grey. The weather outside is wet and grey, the garden is dripping and sodden, the house seems dark, grey and dreary inside now the Christmas decorations are down and I feel - well - grey.

We thought, rather naively I suppose, that after Christmas things would get better, that maybe someone would want to look at our house but no. Over the last few days I've seen a couple of cars pass by and stop and look and I've thought that maybe they will book a viewing, again no. It is not to be.

I was pleased to see that the tulips were from Lincolnshire. It brought back memories of our time over there and of all the research I did for the Museum I worked for on the Bulb Industry in and around Spalding. I was looking through the project I did at Leicester University for the Museum Association's Diploma and there are some wonderful photos in it of our setting up the galleries at the museum and some lovely old ones of workers in the flowers fields which I may scan and share with you in a later post. I remember as well as producing the project I had to give a slide show and talk on our little Museum and how we had set it up and of the history of the building it was housed in - a 15th century merchants house. I was so nervous I could hardly speak as some of my fellow students were from huge museums like the V&A and the British Museum and there was little me from Spalding. It went ok and I had lots of questions and comments.

Of course, today, I think fields of cabbages, cauliflowers and pumpkins are more prolific than those of daffodils and tulips but the memories of fields of colour don't fade and the interesting history of the industry is still there to be explored.

So, in the meantime, here is Tommy with his tulips to bring a little colour and warmth into my life.


  1. What a nice idea, to get some colourful flowers. :)

    I'm sorry you're feeling so gray at the moment, and very sorry no one is coming to view your house. Is it slow generally in your area?

  2. thanks, michelle, we've had four viewings in five months and one offer which was too low to accept. The housing market has really slowed down here and just before Christmas the girls in the estate agents were worried about their jobs.

  3. Lovely picture of Tommy and the tulips, I know what you mean about feeling grey, I feel the same way. Not enough sunlight is the problem but at least the days are beginning to lengthen now. I shall buy myself some tulips too I think

  4. rowan - I hope the bit of sun we had today helped to banish the greyness - there are so many different colours of tulips now but the yellow somehow pleased the most:)