Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Walk by the River Severn

We decided that today we would visit Shrewsbury. It is one of my favourite towns and only 40 minutes away from where we live. We always drive to the Park and Ride and take the bus into town. It was such lovely weather that we decided to walk along the riverside path from the Welsh Bridge -

to the English Bridge. As you can see the river was very high and in places was lapping over the paths.

It was really too bright to take photos. Many of the willow trees were dangling into the river.

and the grassy banks were soaked.

We saw many different species of water birds including a cormorant but that was too quick for me to photograph as it went dipping and diving over the swollen river.

The gulls were having a great time. We passed this house on our walk it was called Julian's House. Lucky Julian.

This is Marine Terrace taken from the English Bridge you can see where the river has covered the pathway below.

Last, but not least, Shrewsbury Abbey church, nearly all that is left of the Abbey buildings, the little tree in front had white blossom on it!

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  1. I love Shrewsbury too though it's years since I've been - must have a trip there this summer I think. I agree with you too - lucky Julian! What a lovely house.