Saturday, December 29, 2007

Venturing Out

We decided to celebrate feeling slightly better by venturing out for the first time in a week. Paul had been as far as the local shop a couple of times but I hadn't set foot outside since last Saturday. We drove to Trentham and parked at the quieter car park near the Monkey Forest and walked down along the lakeside.

It was cold and breezy but bright. Underfoot was quite muddy some of the mud bearing evidence of recent deer passage. Their tracks were leading off towards the new clearings. We didn't walk too far today and once we reached the clearings we turned round and headed back.

There were plenty of people out and about and a lone canoeist on the lake swirling around on the still water. The gulls were gathering around something they had found on the far side of the lake.

I love this little spot where the bridge goes over the stream as it enters the lake. We headed towards the lakeside cafe and sat outside clutching hot coffee (it still doesn't taste right to me) and watched the world go by.

By the time I took this last photo the sun was out and more canoeists were out on the lake. Families were feeding the ducks and a lone magpie (good day my lord) was doing a strange kind of 'backwards, forwards, side ways on and back again' jig on the fence right in front of us. It was time to go home.


  1. Glad to see you are up and about, you poor thing and after working so hard up to the event as well. Sometimes I think our bodies and minds are so full up to the top with preparations and in your case case long hard hours of work but all relating to the 'big day' then we stop and whooomph its like it was waiting to hit you when you stopped. I am hale and hearty at the moment - sorry to say and am supposed to be 'doing the garage ' today with Alan. I sorted underwear drawers yesterday and a large spare cupboard we have and packed,threw out,freecycled and charity shopped loads of stuff. I felt self righteous and tired at the end of yesterday. This morning will be busy and this afternoon I shall get my turkey crown in the oven ready for tomorrow, we do like 'kids' will always eat that type of meal. Mind you if might have to be teatime as I think they will both be out on the town tonight. Personally we always feel like the New Year's Eve hype is just that and we rarely stay awake to see it in. Right must go - already written two long comments this am

  2. thanks for your kind words, Catherine - glad to hear that you are busy and working towards that long awaited move. Hope you keep 'bug' free to cope with it all:)

  3. Lovely peaceful photos - I'm just catching up on blog reading after quite a long gap so didn't realsie how ill you both were over Christmas. I'm so sorry to hear that it passed you by completely but hopefully you will be feeling much brighter and back to normal soon. A Happy, and in your case especially:), Healthy New Year to you!

  4. thanks, Rowan - feeling much better now - Happy New Year:)