Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2012

The last few weeks have gone by so quickly and it's time for a Photo Scavenger Hunt post again.  As always a big  thank you to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. for continuing to inspire us and get us thinking and snapping each month!  Here are my efforts for February!

Tunnocks Chocolate Teacakes - spotted in Aldi and bought to re-live some childhood memories

Black and White
The Swing Bridge over the River Weaver at Northwich, Cheshire.  The bridge was black and white as were the railings around it and the house at one corner of it.

I wasn't sure how I was going to interpret this one but luckily I started reading a book that had come in a double pack of light reads I'd bought before Christmas, the seasonal one I'd read but this one I'd left until now and as I turned the page onto a new chapter there was my cupid!

Fenton Cemetery, Stoke-on-Trent when we walk through on our way to Fenton Park it always seems very full of headstones and flowers

An old cottage in the RSPB Coombe Valley nature reserve near Bradnop, Leek

Taken during cooking of Sunday tea or dinner depending on where you come from!

The Weaver Hall Museum, Northwich

In the Sky
Flying low over Northwich - taken with my Fugi finepix camera with 30x zoom - I didn't expect it to turn out let alone being able to read what airline it was!

Leap Year
I was really struggling with how to interpret this topic as there was no way I was going to see any hares leaping in fields which would have been my idea of leap year so when I found this entry in one of Mum's diaries I thought it might fit the bill.  I've been sorting out and reading bits from her diaries which she kept each day over a number of years just jotting down little things like weather, visits, appointments and etc.  As you can see on Saturday 29th February 1992 she enjoyed a shopping trip, found nothing on TV (what's new?) played her records - she loved piano music - but it was the final words that said it all 'Leap year, signs of spring.'

In a pretty shop window full of hearts and doves and all things romantic, taken in Uttoxeter on Valentine's Day.

I had to smile at the 'e' on the end of old!  Sheet music in the Antiques Barn at Blakemere Craft and Antiques Centre, near Winsford, Cheshire.

At Cheddleton Station on the Churnet Valley Steam Railway

Here is a -  link  - to more of this month's entries! 

I'm going to schedule this to publish on Wednesday 29th as I'm quite busy over the next few days.  I hope it works


  1. Great photos, I love the leap year one, what a great set of memories the old diaries must be.

    We were almost at the same place again as I was going to photograph the churnet valley train, but when I found it was Thomas weekend I decided to go for Peak Rail instead!

  2. Haven't had a tunnock cake in years - almost a reason to got to Aldi in itself! Lovely photos, Ellen

  3. Your 1st photo just made me crave something sweet :-) Great photos.

  4. Love your mums leap year entry.

  5. Very clever with your photos. I love the black and white, the brilliant color of food and your mum leap year event.

  6. I just love those tunnock cakes too. Your mum's diary entry is great and so is the box of olde music.

  7. It worked Rosie! I love the snippet from your Mum's diary. I wonder what the signs of spring were that she witnessed? x

  8. A great collection.I keep meaning to join every month but never get round to it.We are going to bump into each other sometime as we are often in Northwich(our daughter lives there) and also visit Blakemere a lot!

  9. Love teacakes, but I love Tunnocks caramel bars more. The train one is good too.
    Lisa x

  10. Love the aeroplane shot great! x

  11. nice photos, love the old diary entry - that would take me forever to go through those!

  12. Your train shot made me smile, lovely photos.

  13. Yum! Tunnocks teacakes - bet there weren't 5 for long.
    The diary entry for Leap Year is a lovely idea.

  14. Just popped over from Patricia's blog. I enjoyed seeing your interpretations of the words on the scavenger hunt. Great photos.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. The aeroplane came out incredibly clearly!

    I love the empty building and aren't churchyards fascinating places?!

  16. I love your photo's. I have just tagged you, hop over to my blog to see what it means.

  17. Definitely my favourite 'Leap Year' entry so far!

    Heather x

  18. Sunday tea or dinner..LOL! I still haven't figured out the difference! :)