Monday, February 27, 2012

Lesson Learnt

On Saturday morning we came back from a trip to a local garden centre with some compost for potting up tomato seeds ready for the greenhouse and also some small spring plants.  Blue crocus to go with the white ones already growing in the garden and some of those small iris plants.  On Sunday morning they were planted and I was looking forward to seeing their brilliant blue next to the white.

This morning whilst we were drinking coffee at the table near the window of the conservatory watching the birds, in particular two robins who appear to be starting to build a nest in one of the shrubs, the plants were still there.  When we went back to the table for lunch we saw that the blue crocus plants had been completely destroyed and the blue iris plants dug out of the ground but left untouched.

 All the bulbs had been chopped off or should I say chomped off!

 Obviously the iris bulbs aren't as tasty as the crocus bulbs.

What a mess.  It looked as it the culprit had placed the bulbs on the bricks, eaten them and thrown the stems back on the garden.

 You can just see those little teeth marks at the end of the stems.

Of course we suspect this little fellow or one of his friends.  I've just been looking at a few gardening forums and it appears that squirrels love both crocus and tulip bulbs.  So I've learnt something new today.  He left the white crocus though perhaps he didn't recognise their colour?


  1. What a menace! I don't get many squirrels but I have had the odd one visit. PS I am doing a book review later in the week, don't buy it - I'll pop it in the post for you when ive done - you will love it. xxxx xxxx

  2. Naughty naughty things. In a house I used to have they managed to get into the loft space and started chewing the cables...arrgh! Suzy

  3. Sorry to read about your plants Rosie and guess you are right about that naughty squirrel. I have to ask how DO you get such lovely close-ups? They always fly or run away before I get a chance to snap them!

  4. Apparently Squirrel taste a bit like gamey chicken....if you want revenge LOL!

    I think they also like snowdrops in pots - easier to get at!

    I'm sorry the tree rat had your bulbs, the Iris looked lovely too.
    Have a better rest of the week!

    Sandie xx

  5. Oh what a shame! Can any of them be saved? Would you be able to plant the bulbs through some type of matting and then put some bark chips on top? Maybe the squirrel sniffed out the juicy bulbs through the recently distubed earth! x

  6. Diane - sounds interesting, I'll look out for your review:)

    Suzy - I know someone who had their electic wires chewed through by squirrels - they are naughty!:)

    Patricia - thanks - I have a camera with 30x zoom lens built in(a fuji finepics) the squirrel I took through an upstairs window and then cropped in picasa - similar with the robin - again through a window then cropped:)

    Sandie - that would be revenge indeed - I think I'll pass on the eating bit though:)

    Simone - I think you are right about smelling the bulbs through the dug over soil - the iris should be fine but we've lost all the blue crocus:)

  7. Gotta keep an eye on those little critters.

  8. Luckily we don't get squirrels in our garden probably because it is patrolled by all the neighbourhood cats. What a shame about your lovely crocus, maybe it was because they were newly planted and could just be pulled out easily. Better luck next time.

  9. I love squirrels and wish I had them on my garden. (I could cope with some casualties)

  10. Oh squirrels are little terrors. I can't leave any food out for birds because we'll get invaded!!! They steal fat balls and their spiky sticks, and knock the bird feeders down. Poor crocus!

  11. Oh dear - we also get squirrels in our garden - although I did notice last year that we didn't have so many visiting when our neighbour's cat kept coming into our garden - unfortunately it's moved away now so the squirrels have returned!!!!

    They are a menace with bulbs here too!

  12. They like daffodils too! We are besieged with ground squirrels here. You should see them trying to scramble up the plastic legs of the picnic table when I put bird seed out on it. It's quite funny to see them fall on their well padded behinds. Although ours are somewhat cute, except there are so many of them the red squirrel of England is much prettier. I LOVE your robin shot.

  13. What a darling story ! (except bulb eating part :o) ).
    Yes, we learn something every single day....
    Hugs from Florida

  14. For a few years (except last year) I have suffered something similar with my French beans. They get to about six inches tall then something comes along and chews through them ust above ground level. But I don't think I get squirrels in my garden.

    I've no idea what I did last year that was different either....

    It's sad when you lose plants like this. Is there anything you can sprinkle round to deter the little grey monsters?

  15. I wonder if you dipped the bulbs in curry powder before planting, if it would harm the bulbs?! We have squirrels and I like feeding birds so I am constantly having to find ways to combat them.

  16. The little varmints munched their way through my crocus flowers last year. This spring, they are still intact.

  17. Ruth - Certainly have - he came back yesterday so we banged on the window - gave him a fright:)

    Elaine - we have cats and squirrels in equal measure, I think you are right about tehm being newly planted and easy to pull out:)

    Saphy - we are quite fond of the little creatures really and love to watch them but I was upset at the loss of my new plants - but it has taught me to be more careful next time:)

    Kathy - I too love to feed the birds so I know what you mean about them getting at the bird food, they even shin up those little cups to get at the seed:)

    jordiegirl - pity your patrol cat moved away - we are just going to havee to be extra vigilant about the new plants in future:)

    I must admit that although I like the grey squirrels I much prefer to see the red ones - they are so beautiful. That little robin comes so close when I'm putting out his mealworms:)

    Lilac in may - now that's an idea - I'll have to look into that:)

    H - they've probably eaten elsewhere this year - funny too how they seem to like some colours but not the others:)