Friday, February 24, 2012

In and Out of the Garden

What a strange week it has been!   Monday was such a grey day but we still  managed a short, muddy walk at the RSPB nature reserve at Coombes Valley near Leek before the mist came down and the rain set in.  

It has also been mild enough to work in the garden and I've filled the garden wheelie bin with winter's leavings  like old dead leaves from the Crocsmia and Iris plants and dead headed the Sedums and Hydrangeas.  The lawns and some of the paths around the garden are still sopping wet and the garden is still looking dreary and brown but in the heat of yesterday the crocus has opened up and there is some activity in the pond which has been frozen over for the last few weeks.  I don't think I've ever seen so much moss in this garden, it's everywhere and I raked three buckets full off the front lawn which now seems to have more moss than grass in it.  I've a feeling that some drastic action is needed!

Yesterday was so unusually warm for February that the puffy quilted coat, scarf and gloves I hadn't been anywhere without over the last few weeks stayed in the car as we had a wander around searching for some of the topics for this month's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I was getting anxious that I'd got only three out of the twelve topics but after yesterday I now have nine.  Just three more to go one I'd forgotten about will be easy but the other two are going to be quite difficult I think.  Still, that is the joy of the challenge.

Here are a few photos from yesterday's little adventure in Cheshire.

Can you guess where we were?  It's a place said to be  sinking slowly because of the industry it was built up around.  I'll write  more about this place later - after my Scavenger Hunt post!


  1. It is nice to get out even if it is grey! The leaf bench is lovely. I think one of those would fit nicely into my garden! x

  2. My home town of Northwich! Do I get a prize?

  3. I've been struggling with the scavenger hunt! I went out last Sunday and took several photos as I didn't have many and won't be out this weekend as Dave has gone away to visit a friend. I've taken a few at home this week too and now just have one photo left to get!

    I love those leafy benches and Coombes Valley :)

  4. We got a bit giddy yesterday and cut the lawn!!! Never done that in Feb before!! xxxx

  5. I cheated and googled Bratts....:)

    That said I have visited Northwich as we bought a holiday off a couple and needed to meet up to exchange money, sort tickets. Sounds dodgey but they put it on ebay as their cat was very ill, we got a nice holiday, they got some cash back and peace of mind.

    Some lovely buildings mixed in with 70's style precinct, very odd mix.

  6. I haven't been out into the garden yet, but it needs serious tidying!!! I've just noticed a bunch of miniature daffs which has cheered me up no end!
    I've only got about half of the list for the scavenger hunt ... I'll have to give it some thought this weekend.

  7. Northwich.My daughter and family live there.We often take our youngest granddaughter to the library there and then into Viva(?) for a milk shake.I really like Northwich.

  8. Nice set of potos. There seems to be more rubbish in the garden than ever; usually winter gets rid of most of it but this year many things have survived, mostly weeds!

  9. I love that leafy bench! Someone had a good creative mind to come up with that.

  10. Love the bench. Nice to see the crocus out. I never sure what to wear with the all the changes in temperature.x

  11. Yay for the first signs of Spring!!!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  12. Your weather must be a lot like ours, as everything here is also covered in moss.

  13. Don't mention the moss. Half my lawn is moss. !!! the good news about moss is it does not grown like grass and does not need cutting. Each spring I rake and sew more grass seeds. and each winter I have a garden half full of moss. it is a very wet garden.
    Dont mention the scavenger hunt. (hangs head in shame not having started it yet)

  14. Simone - I'd love a bench like that in my garden, too:)

    Mad about craft - ah, then you must win first prize I think - unfortunately no prizes just the accolade:)

    Louise - I love the benches too - I like the one with ducks near the stream and the big one near the visitor centre:)

    Diane - gosh you did get giddy - I don't even like to set eyes the mower before ist March:)

    Amanda - I thought someone might do that! It is an odd mix of buildings but I quite liked the place. I wonder what buildings where there before th shopping precinct was built?:)

    Kathy - well you have a good excuse of not going in the garden as you've been having a lovely time in Bath:)

    busybeejay - I saw Viva and also the old library where the museum used to be it looked a lovely building:)

    John - the weeds all look fresh and ready to go don't they? Our garden is so damp and mossy at the moment:)

    Chris J - It is a lovely bench and there are others dotted around the reserve all very attractive:)

    Rosie - I always feel wrongly dressed at this time of year either too hot or shivering with cold:)

    Michela - yes, spring is just around the corner -hope you too have a lovely weekend:)

    Pondside - I've never seen as much moss as this year:)

    Saphy - hope you manage to start on those Scavenger hunt photos:)

  15. I looked at your montage and wondered 'Nantwich' but couldn't quite see clearly enough to know if there was anywhere I recognised (I've only been there once), so I decided I would save the image into my pictures in order to be able to zoom in (then delete, so as not to be stealing your work!). I got as far as 'save as' and saw the picture title was '... Nothwich'. LOL!! Erm... Is it Northwich??

  16. Ooops - add the missing 'r' :)