Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Visit to Shugborough - part 2

As promised in my last post here is a peek inside the Mansion House at Shugborough including some of the recently opened rooms that are in the appartments used by Lord Lichfield until his death in November 2005.  We hadn't expected to be allowed to take photos but we were told without asking that we could as long as we didn't use flash.  Thinking about it as Lord Lichfield was such a renowned photographer I expect he would have encouraged the taking of photographs so it shouldn't have been such a great surprise.

As I said in my previous post I let Paul take the internal photographs as his camera could cope with the lighting conditions.  Here are just a few of the many we took...

 I can't remember the exact name of this room so let's call it the red room.  In here was the most beautiful, twinkling chandelier - you can just glimpse it through the mirror over the fireplace.  The guide in this room told us how lovely it looks  lit with candles when the hall is open each December for candlelit Christmas evenings.  The chandelier is reflected in a mirror at the opposite end of a corridor making it look as if there is another one at that end of the ground floor.

 The Library - full of architectural illusions created with mirrors and secret doorways.

 The Royal Appartments
  This is the bedroom slept in by royal visitors there is also a sitting room and dressing room.  Princess Victoria slept here before she became Queen but not in this bed which was placed here in 1847.  The carpet on the floor is an exact copy of the original two small pieces of which can be seen on the steps used to get into the bed.

 Equipment from Lord Lichfield's studio.  In this area were some of the photographs he took during the 1960s and 1970s of   famous and beautiful people  like  Jean Shrimpton, Joanna Lumley, Mick Jagger, Antonia Frazer  and Lulu.

 A charming corner of one of the rooms.   Lord Lichfield's private appartments were off a long corridor on which was an area for drinks and music.  Guest bedrooms and bathrooms were along here with views to the back of the house.  The Earl's private rooms were overlooking the front of the property.  Some of these rooms were open although the bedroom is expected to open next year.

 The lilac bedroom

 and the lilac bathroom

The breakfast room.  This was my favourite room it was completely circular and so light and airy with views over the front and side of the property to the windows.

Directly below the breakfast room is another lovely, circular room which was yet to be refurbished. The Boudoir was open for public view to show how this would be done.  The wallpaper is the original from 1794 and contains silver leaf.

The ceiling is the only hand painted ceiling in the  house and the room also has lots of ornate gilt work.

Back outside - I also promised photos of the statues and bluebells along the Lady Walk.  The scent and colour of the bluebells was wonderful I'm afraid my photo doesn't do them justice.




Dragon Fly

There will be more sculptures to see as part of the Sculpture Trail which is to be launched on 22nd May this year so we hope to go back again soon and discover those, walk around the island arboretum and visit 'downstairs' in the servant's quarters - photo below.  If you look closely you can see the washing on the line through the gate.


  1. I want to do the downstairs bit too. When we visited, we saw an exhibition of his portraits and they were brilliant. Pauls photos are excellent.xx

  2. Enjoyed another one of your famous tours! You certainly do get out a lot Rosie!


  3. Again, I have enjoyed this post - a sneak preview for when we go! I rather enjoyed the sculptures so now I'm thinking of visiting in half term at the end of May when the sculpture trail has opened!

    The rooms look very interesting too, lots to see and do there it seems!

  4. Another lovely post, thanks for the tour.

  5. Now I know I want to go and see it. Maybe after the sculpture trail is properly open.

    I love the lilac bedroom. I could live with that!

  6. Thank you for the peek inside Rosie. I think I like the breakfast room best too. For all the grandeur of the Mansion, it is nice to see the practicalities of the washing hanging up outside!!! x

  7. Some people know ( knew) how to live eh ?

  8. What a humble house, eh?! :)
    I hope you're feeling better