Monday, May 09, 2011

At home with the Tudors - part 2

We had spent ages in the kitchens but it was time time to move on and look at some of the other rooms in Haddon Hall.  My favourite was the Long Gallery, with its mellow oak panelling, filled with light from the leaded windows.

The Long Gallery, 110 feet long and 17 feet wide, was built towards the end of the 16th century by Sir John Manners and his wife Dorothy, formerly Vernon, whose family owned the Hall, to celebrate their marriage and the joining of the two families.  There is a local legend that they eloped.

One of the things that we all admired was the use of wild flowers like cow parsley in displays around the hall

They looked so pretty and natural in plain glass vases in window sills and on polished wood surfaces.  I was so glad that I'd had my new camera in time to take photos here because I don't think my old one would have been up to the challenge.

The sun suddenly appeared, streaming through the windows of the Long Gallery, so we ventured outside to look at the gardens.

The grey stone walls of the hall looked wonderful against the lush green of the surrounding countryside.  Above Paul's photo of Diane, Rowan and I looking at the wonderful view.

The flowers too looked stunning against the grey stone

The one thing that  I particularly noticed about Haddon Hall was its windows with the wonderful light shining through so I've made a collage of some of them below,

After standing in the great hall watching the feast taking place for quite a while we decided to find a welcome cup of tea at the cafe and then make a visit to the gift shop before we left to go our separate ways towards home.  A good time was had by all!

In spite of the rain!!


  1. Hello Rosie:
    The Long Gallery, as you say, is most impressive and it is easy to imagine it coming into its own in times past on days too wet to walk outside.

    Like you, we thought the arrangements of cow parsley delightful with the white of the flowers showing up beautifully against the grey stone.

    From all that you write, Haddon Hall must go to the top of the list of places to visit.

  2. I never get bored with you, you always take me to wonderful sites, thanks!

  3. If only we could have taken Michela too! She would have loved it. Pauls photos are lovely - but you should have posted the drowned rat one too! xxxxx

  4. It looks like such a lovely day out. I bet you gained loads of inspiration from the plants and flowers outside too! x

  5. The long gallery is very impressive with its oak pannelling! I agree about the cow parsley. I have some in my garden and it is in full flower. I do like to see it. It looks great on the the windowsill.

  6. I think the Long Gallery looks lovely too. I am glad you all had such a good time.x

  7. Wonderful post. It is great to be able to travel virtually. It gives me places to add to my must visit list

  8. Diane - drowned rat photo added:)

  9. I looks as if you are giving us a tune!! Perhaps "rain drops keep falling on my head" !!xxxxx

  10. Lol - I'd have needed a bicycle for that!:)

  11. What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Tudor Style.
    My absolute favourite.
    But, I'd probably need central heating.

  13. It's interesting to me how all three of you took such different pictures from one another.

  14. Oh what a marvellous day out and such an interesting place to visit Rosie.

    I think that your photographs are great, especially the photo collage of the windows.

    This is definitely a place that I would like to visit.

    Marie x