Thursday, May 05, 2011


Yesterday, on the way back from visiting my sister in Chesterfield, we stopped for a while in Baslow.  We were actually looking for a post office which we didn't find but on our quest to find one we parked behind the church.  This was an area of Baslow I'd never been in before and as it was such a lovely late afternoon we took a stroll through the churchyard so I could try out my new camera.

St Anne's Church in Baslow is in a lovely position right next to the River Derwent.  The tower, spire and nave are either 13th century or 14th century, depending on which information you read, but much of the church was restored in the 1850s by the then Duke of Devonshire with the help of his head gardener and great friend Joseph Paxton.

The churchyard was full of old memorial stones some standing quite close to the river.

Inside,  the nave and chancel were neat and well kept,  the stained glass in  the windows shining in the sunshine.

The Priest's stairway with reflections of the trees on the stone wall

Opposite the church was a rather spectacular shop called Avant Garde full of lovely household things.

This area of Baslow is know as Bridge End and this is the Bridge End toll bridge a 17th century, 3 arched  construction with, as you can see below,  a little stone shelter built for the toll collector which has an entrance of only 1 metre in height.

The views from the bridge down to the river were lovely - you can just make out the water fall in the photo below.

We didn't have long to linger here but it was a spot I could have spent ages in just wandering around.  


  1. My aunt moved to Chesterfield when I was young so this has been a familiar place for me over the years, but I have never once stopped in Baslow!

    A very intersting post, I have enjoyed the photos and you have inspired me to have a wander around Baslow one day, rather that always travel through it!

  2. A lovely post .... we're staying at the Chatsworth caravan site in June so we'll probably visit Baslow. That shop looks inviting!

  3. I could easily live in Baslow - its gorgeous - and Avante Garde is a very dangerous place!!!! (for your bank balance). Hope you found your sister well. xxxxx

  4. Toll collectors were either very short in days gone by or else expected to crawl into their booths!

    Lovely photos and an interesting history Rosie.

    Have a great weekend.

    Marie x

  5. Your new camera is serving you well Rosie! x

  6. Lovely photos - what camera did you get? The shop looks lovely! Abby x

  7. I have travelled through Baslow a number of times (including last week - both ways), but have never stopped to look around. I must stop off one time!

    Avant Garde is marked on google maps :)

  8. The area around the church and bridge is lovely, I always park down that little road leading to Bubnell. I have been known to visit Avante Garde too, usually to buy birthday and Christmas presents for my friend Linda - it's her favourite shop:)

  9. Forgot to say that I think the level of the road where the toll house is used to be quite a lot lower so the toll collector didn't have to be quite as small as you'd think:)

  10. Rowan - thanks for that information - I should have thought of that - all those layers of modern tarmac over the years - it would be interesting to dig down and take a look - I din't look inside to see if the floor was level or if there was a drop!

  11. Abby - my new camera is a Cannon Powershot A1200 - I bet you would love that shop:)

  12. Just came across your website, lovely photos. Look forward to reading more.

  13. Hello Rosie:
    We have never been to Baslow. Indeed, we have never heard of Baslow, but it is a most charming place from the images you show here.

    The church is a gem and we love its castellations. Like you, we particularly enjoy looking at both English churches and the graveyards which surround them.

    We have very much enjoyed reading through your interesting and varied posts and shall return for more.

  14. Great photos of the church et al bet you are well pleased with new camera - you can never take enough photos

  15. Oh I know Baslow very well. We lived for a year up at Cliff College, Calver. I used to walk down to Baslow with my eighteen month old in the 'pushchair' many times, and often in the rain. Such a beautiful part of England!