Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cameras and Kindness

For a  while now I've been struggling with my formerly trusty Kodak Easyshare C330 digital camera which I must have had for about five years now.  For some reason known only to itself it defaults to flash, sometimes even in what I would consider to be be light enough conditions and it certainly can't be trusted not to flash in places where flash isn't allowed.  So over the last few weeks I have been looking at new digital cameras - just small compact ones that I can slip in a bag or pocket - but could I find one at a reasonable price that had a view finder?  No!  

My Old Kodak Camera

I've been  reading several on-line reports and forums where people are bemoaning the fact that manufacturers no longer include a view finder in their smaller compact cameras and all of them, like me, find it difficult to see the LCD screen image in bright sunlight. There were a few cameras with viewfinders over £300 but I didn't want to spend that much.  Over the weekend I saw a little camera with a view finder in Jessops but wasn't sure about it, however  on Tuesday,  I decided that as they were selling it for half price that I really ought to buy it as it might be the last chance to get one with a view finder.  I'm now the proud owner of  - this - Cannon Powershot camera and I gave it a test run yesterday.  I'll show you the results in my next post; so far I'm  thrilled with it

I'm  always humbled and amazed by the kindness of fellow bloggers and this week I received a lovely parcel from Liz at Love those Cupcakes who, concerned about my fall in the garden, sent me a super book to read and some chocolate to indulge in whilst reading it.  Thanks Liz! Aren't people so kind and isn't blogland wonderful?

Talking of the wonders of blogland I'm off this weekend to meet with two super bloggers whose blogs I have read and followed for quite a long time.  I'm really looking forward to the meeting and I expect you will read more of this in a later post.


  1. I much prefer the LCD screens over viewfinders but it can be hard to see! I normally point and shoot and hope for the best in those situtions and it usually works!

    Now, I use Dave's DSLR quite a lot and then when I switch to my own camera, automatically put it up to my eye before realising I don't have a view finder!

    I've seen some great photos produced my compact Canon cameras so I'm sure you made a good choice to get it while it was on offer!

    I hope you enjoy your bloggy meets this weekend :)

  2. Have fun with Diane! ..mmh, who's the other blogger? :)

  3. Nice camera!
    Nice chocolate too!
    There's something I would like to do too, meet up with other bloggers, perhaps we could have Regional bloggers days or something? (If someone else organises them !LOL!)

    I had a fall last Thursday, came in from the garden and tripped over my garden brolly that I'd brought in because it was blowing a gale. Bruised both knees and wrenched a few muscles. How is it you can fall when you are young and it doesn't seem to hurt for long? Yet fall over in later life and it takes you weeks to get over it!
    Have a great weekend and read and choc eating!

    Sandie xx

  4. It's a handsome camera! I think a good book and chocolate is a wonderful gift to receive at any time! I look forward to reading more about your mystery meet up with fellow bloggers!!! x

  5. I dont know how I missed this post! I know what you mean abut not being able to see the screen - I often point and shoot with crossed fingers! The Spanish Plume sounds interesting for the weekend!!! xxxxx

  6. Louise - thanks I'm sure I will enjoy the meeting - we must meet up again soon:)

    Michela - it is Rowan from Circle of the Year!

    Sandi - hope those bruises disappear soon - a regional meet sounds a great idea:)

    Simone - I'm sure I'll be posting about it soon:)

    Diane - yikes - sounds a bit rough doesn't it? You'll have to bring your pac-a-mac!!:)