Tuesday, October 19, 2010

At Tittesworth Reservoir

Sunday was a lovely day so we decided to head out towards Leek and then on to Tittesworth Reservoir which is run by the Severn Trent Water Authority.

We followed the path down to the waterside

Looking across the water towards the village of Meerbrook - you may remember I wrote a post a couple of years ago about the Meerbrook Scarecrow Festival; it's a lovely village.

The water was sparkling in the sun as we strolled by.  We returned to the main path and over the boardwalk to the other side of the country park.  From here you can see the Roaches glinting in the sun.  I know I've written about walking up there a couple of times before but recently they  have been in the news.

The Roaches are for sale!  The Peak District National Park authority are seeking partners to administer the estate they bought in 1980. The Staffordshire Moorlands District Council are against the sale and the Rambler's Association have urged the authority to put the public first as the Roaches are a very popular walking and climbing destination.  Possible candidates for partnership are The National Trust, the RSPB, the Wildlife Trust and the British Mountaineering Council.  The latest news from BBC Midlands Today is that several offers have been received.  I wonder who will buy into a partnership and how it will affect public access to the Roaches?  I rather hope things will stay as they are! 


  1. Di you see Gilly (From Winds of Change? She was there at the same time as you? (Check your photos!!) Shall we club together and buy them? I would hope that it wouldnt affect anything. xxxxxx

  2. We sat outside the cafe looking towards the lake. With the dog! But it was nearer lunch time, only quite early. I can't walk far - you might have seen me with a crutch struggling along!

    But it was a beautiful day, and the Roaches really stood out, didn't they? Can't afford to buy them, sadly!

  3. It looks a beautiful place. Hope whatever happens it remains accessible to everyone.

  4. The fact the you and Gilly were both there and didn't know that makes me smile..i wonder how many bloggers are in the same place at the same time :)
    Beautiful pictures as always!

  5. Another place to visit, someday soon!

    I love your still life study below, you should make a calendar with all your images.

  6. Beautiful photos Rosie - especially the sun on the water making it aparkle!

  7. It would be a shame if the place changed, as it is so beautiful. At least if the National Trust were to purchase it, there would still be public access.

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope that the sun shines for you.

    Marie x

  8. It's ages since I've been to Tittersworth Reservoir, but my eldest is due a climbing trip to The Roaches soon. Can you believe it, he goes all of the way up to Cumbria to uni and joins a group going on a five day climbing trip in his own backyard?!!

  9. how beautiful and love the photo of the sun glistening on the water. Judith