Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sunday morning walk - with cats!

This morning we walked in the Manifold Valley - I know I've blogged about this place many times before but it never fails to delight me.

We parked near Wetton Mill and took the pathway towards Thor's Cave.
The little tortoiseshell cat that belongs to the farm and cafe was sunning itself on one of the picnic tables.

The sun was peeping through the mist over the top of the trees

The air was really warm more like an early September day than an early October one!

The warm breeze was rippling through the trees and blowing leaves in gentle spirals down to the ground

Most of the cow parsley was looking like this but I found some more

still looking fresh and new

By the time we turned around to walk back to the Mill the sun was high in the sky

We walked back over the old bridge towards the river

where another of the Mill cats was waiting to greet us.

We drove back towards Froghall and decided to have some lunch at the station.  A train was waiting on the platform.  It had Shrewsbury as a destination on one end and Scarborough at the other - I thought it would be nice to go to either places on a day like today.  

We had coffee and sandwiches in the cafe 

There are Halloween and Santa Special trains from here - booking now.

Yet another cat out to say hello - this time the station cat - taking advantage of this super warm weather!


  1. Thanks for sharing your walk, it looks a lovely place.

  2. Looks another lovely walk x

  3. Cats know the best time to snooze outdoors - when the sun is shining!
    Lovely pictures!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. I get great pleasure in seeing lots of cats when I am out walking! The sun brings them out doesn't it? Thank goodness for a glorious day of sunshine and blue skies after the rotten weather of late. It looks like another lovely walk Rosie. x

  5. Even if we've been many times there ;-), it's always a pleasure to walk with you!

  6. You surely found a lot of company for your adventure; cute cats! They seek out the very best spots to nap!

  7. Cats always find the sunniest places - as do you Rosie! It was a lovely day and you look as if you made the most of it. xxxx

  8. a walk with you is always a joy... thanks. Helen x

  9. Beautiful :)

    I'm amazed you found some cow parsley looking so fresh!

  10. So glad to see you had a lovely weekend in the glorious sunshine that was. x

  11. I loved this post Rosie, wonderful pictures.


  12. How wonderful and your photos certianly illustrate your day beautifully - love the cats too but then I'm a cat-woman!!! have added your blog to follow as I have been trying to find bloggers in the UK.. Judith (Precious Moments)
    ps. love your header too

  13. Love your new header and blog look, Rosie:) Thanks for taking us on your trip with the 2 cats. Always love to see cow parsley (I fore see a drawing of this:) )