Saturday, October 02, 2010


This week has been very glum owing to the almost constant rain, except for Thursday when the sun did come out for a while, my not feeling too well and the annoying fact that someone drove into the back of our little car!

After a whole week without leaving the house because of a horrible cough and cold I was ready to get out into the fresh air.  Little car is still drivable but has to be sorted out on Monday so we decided to stay fairly local
and take our usual turn around the lake at Trentham.

September had turned into October without me noticing but this morning the sun was out again

The paths were very wet after the rain of yesterday but somehow that added to the autumnal feel.

We saw lots of interesting fungi - I've never seen so many different ones as this year - I expect the weather conditions have been right for them.

After walking around the lake we strolled around the gardens which are still looking lovely

The horse chestnut had shed its conkers all over - they were so small - is this something else caused by this year's weather - or had they just been dashed by yesterday's rain and fallen too early?


  1. Oh dear, your poor little car. Were you all right? Even a little bump shakes you up!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. sending you and your little car my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. We drove on the motorway yesterday and saw the aftermath of two terrible crashes, there are so many crazy drivers in the world, it is so depressing. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. kathy - thanks I wasn't in the car - Paul was on his way home from work and a man came out of a side street without looking and clipped the back of our car on the driver's side - he said he didn't see the car! I think he needs to go to Specsavers:)

    valerie - thanks I'm feeling a lot better now and little car will be repaired on Monday - there was a bad accident at the bottom of the 'D road' last week in the pouring rain a young couple went into the back of a lorry parked in a layby - such a tragedy!

  4. Rosie, I am so sorry that you have been feeling unwell. This rotten weather we've been having seems to make it all the worse doesn't it? Let's hope that the rain soon drys up and the sun pays us a visit again. Hope you get the car fixed soon. x

  5. How maddening to have someone run into the back of your car, I hope the culprit's insurance is paying. Hope you are feeling better now, a cough and cold isn't a great way to begin autumn and winter!

  6. Youve captured the essence of Autumn perfectley in your photos Rosie. I too have had a really glum week (hence all the music to help cheer me up). Ive had a really bad week at work, the AWFUL weather, missing my girl(although it has not been as bad as her first week away), hubby working 5pm-3am so no playmate - Ive been fed up!! Thats awaful about your car - you so could do without it! Hope you feel better this week. xxxxx

  7. Beautiful pictures Rosie ,as always! I hope you are feeling better today. So sorry about your little car..We are having a glorious autumn sunday..going out for a walk after been inside for a week! Like you I had this terrible cold..Lets start this week feeling better..:)))

  8. Hope you are feeling better.Your poor car.Hope it canbe repaired soon but it's the inconvenience of it all.Someone drove into my C3 in tesco car park last year and damaged two doors and just drove off!

  9. Hi Rosie, sorry to hear you've been a bit under the weather and the bad news about your car.
    Sending some sunshine (until it will last) and a virtual hug on your way

  10. Hi Rosie, My car has had a "rumbling "on one of the front wheels (only when I go around a right hand bend! ) Turns out it was a broken pin caused by potholes in the road most likely. Now fixed and only cost £35 so no big trauma! xxxxxx