Friday, May 09, 2008

The Meerbrook Scarecrows

After our walk on the Roaches and a picnic lunch we headed down into the village of Meerbrook where there was a Scarecrow Festival happening. We had passed several scarecrows on the edge of farm lanes on our drive up to the car parking near the Roaches and now we were to discover many more. It is such a pretty village and it was great to see that almost all the residents had entered into the spirit of the Festival. We found a few other people wandering around and chatted to a couple who were visitors to the area and had just happened upon the scarecrows and stopped to look.

Here are just a few of the ones we saw, there were many more along the lanes where it was impossible to stop and take photos.

The one above was close to where we parked for our walk on the Roaches.

A very colourful milkmaid in a farm drive.

This bird watcher or 'twitcher' was peering over a hedge just in the village.

Mary Poppins on a lamp post on one of the roads out of the village.

A lady potting plants outside one of the little cottages in the village.

An inebriated cleric outside the vicarage.

A lady resting on the corner of the street near the Lazy Trout Inn.

There were pretty plants for sale outside the cottage with the "For Sale' notice board.

Just outside the village is Tittesworth Reservoir which is well worth a visit. We quite often walk here as there is so much to see. Below is the reservoir as seen from up on The Roaches.


  1. Hi Roise, no idea this was on in Meerbrook. I must take the boys for a peek if its still on, they'll think its wonderful!
    What a fab week of weather we're having.

  2. Hi Rosie,

    I love the scarecrows, such fun!

  3. Just came across your blog and thought you would like to know that Meerbrook scarecrows will be around again for 2009 from 1st May for about 3 weeks.