Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy in the Garden

Over the past few days we have been really busy in the garden. I've been cutting grass, weeding, splitting and re-planting. Paul has been sorting out the back of the shed which had become a bit of a dumping ground for old pots and logs; so much so that it became a struggle to get to the compost bins.

I've been splitting up and thinning out the Geums which have really spread this year. Rivali is the most prolific so I've re-planted some of it in a border left partially empty by the demise of a huge Hebe in last August's very wet weather. Our other Geums are 'Lemondrops' which I've also split and 'Dolly North' which we only put in last year so I've left her alone for a while to spread even further.

I contacted our nearest Wyvale garden centre, which happens to be Bridgemere Garden World, to enquire if they were taking part in the 'Plan Apple' project for recycling plastic plant pots and seed trays. They are, so we will be disposing of a lot of pots there. Now we can reach the compost bins easily when we empty our under the sink household waste bin.

The Rhododendron we planted in 2006 is looking good and the flowers are so pretty. Also doing well is the Solomon's seal. We bought two little plants about five years ago, just look at them now.

Behind the Solomon's seal you can see the small logs which make up one of the wildlife habitat areas Paul has created around the garden. The water buts, full to the brim from the rain earlier this year have been put to good use during the warm weather.

You may have been wondering what the cats have been doing whilst we have been busy in the garden. Well, as you can see, they've been keeping themselves occupied.

The frogs in the pond have been enjoying the warm weather, too. Paul has been photographing them for his blog.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy in the garden. Poor cat though looks worn

  2. Hi Rosie,
    we have had some lovely weather this week, like you I have been gardening. I try to encourage wildlife into my garden, we have frogs, foxes, hedgehogs, woodmice and wait for it....rats. Now I am not allowed to feed the birds or fill the bird bath as rats like to drink there. Maybe you can loan me your cat! Despite three visits from pest control I have had no luck in getting rid of my unwelcome guests. We are having a plague at the moment it seems.

  3. hi rosie - all three cats have been having such a hard time in the warm weather;)

    oh, acornmoon, rats - how awful, they do say that you are only ever a few yards away from a rat, don't they? I've never seen any around here and we don't seem to have a problem but I guess they aren't that far away. Non of my cats would be any use - only one catches mice and she brings them in, puts them in the bath and just sits and watches them run around - I usually pick them up and return them to the top of the garden and tell them to run :)

    We don't have a hedgehog anymore but we do have a pair of grey squirrels who try to steal the nuts from the bird feeder :)