Saturday, March 01, 2008

White Rabbits

Hurrah, it's the first of March today and I managed to say 'white rabbits' before I said anything else. When I was a child my mother always used to tell me that if the first thing we said on 1st March was 'white rabbits' we would get a nice surprise. I wonder where this came from? Does anyone know? Did you do the same? I've heard of 'pinch punch, it's the first of the month' are there any others?

Last night was extremely windy and about half an hour after we'd gone to bed there was a bang and a clunk as if something had hit the roof just above us. Oh, no we thought, a tile has gone. This morning I got up first and ventured outside, in my dressing gown, to take a look. At the back of the house were three pieces of guttering but I couldn't see where they had come from. By the time we were both up and dressed Paul went out and looked at the guttering and declared it not ours. It had blown from next door, hit our roof and blown over the house into our back garden. Unfortunately, our neighbours only had that piece of guttering mended last summer and had to pay the earth because the builder had to put up scaffolding so they are not going to be happy this morning.

Well they do say that if March 'comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb'.

Wind and earthquakes this week seem to have spurred the frogs in our pond into heights of activity - Paul has reported the goings on in his blog.


  1. We say White Rabbits too in my family. It has to be the first thing you say bofore anything else when you wake up. Haven't a clue why though. Perhaps as you say it was so we would get a nice surprise. But it is just something we have always done ever since I can remember.

  2. rosie, I'm glad it's not just me muttering white rabbits in the early morning :) Funny where these things come from :)