Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early Easter and late nights

I heard on the news recently that Easter this year is the earliest it's been since 1913, and snow is expected in some areas of the north and east. I've known one or two snowy Easters in my time. I particularly remember one when I was a child when we were going into North Wales - Llandudno I think - for my sister to play in a hockey tournament. We got caught in a snow blizzard on the Snake Pass in Derbyshire and I remember my Dad saying 'there is a pub along here somewhere called the Cat and Fiddle' just as we came to a standstill. After the blizzard subsided and we could see where we were the pub in question was just a little further down the road and we hadn't been able to see it.

I've been pottering around with knitting an Easter bunny - not a great success as I've sewn the ears in the wrong place and made him look rather disgruntled - and making yellow gingham lavender hearts. It's a good job that I'd started the preparations early, even the little Easter cakes are made. All this has come to a standstill now as the long hours (6p.m. - 2a.m.) at Royal Mail have taken their toll and I'm too tired to think straight, let alone knit, sew, bake cakes or even potter on the computer; it's taken me a couple of days to finish writing this post. Three shifts done and four to do, I'm counting them down then I think Easter for both of us is going to be lots of rest - hope there is something good on TV. We were hoping to get some walking in over the weekend but as the long-range forecast doesn't look good, that idea may have to be abandoned.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter.


  1. Wishing a happy Easter. Your Easer tree looks lovely. x

  2. Your display is lovely! :)
    Hope you have a lovely Easter.