Monday, March 24, 2008

Walking in the Woods

This morning we went for a long walk around the King's Wood at Trentham. We parked at the Monkey Forest site and walked past 'Ariel Extreme', where the staff were just testing the tree top walks ready for the day's visitors, and into the wood where we were lucky enough to see a group of hinds at a distance running from one place of cover to another. We strolled back to our car along the lakeside and called in the cafe for a cup of coffee. Just as we got back to the car a sleet storm started. I think we had the best of the day.

My bargain pot of tulips which I mentioned a few posts ago are just in flower now, as you can see from the photo above. Also in flower is one of our scented geraniums. This one is called Attar of Roses and is my favourite of all the scented ones we have. The others are mostly lemon scented and we have one that smells of nutmeg too. Apparently there is a lavender scented one which I would love to own. I just love them all. Below is a close up of the Attar of Roses geranium.

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