Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring is springing it's way

Although I'm still waiting for signs of spring in the garden it has most certainly arrived at our local garden centre. We decided to have a mooch around at Trentham this morning, even though it was very cold and windy, just to have a break from the house. We'd spent the weekend at home cleaning and de-cluttering and waiting for viewers to come and look around. As you can see from the photos below, the spring flowers were looking wonderful.

I could have bought loads of plants to put some colour into the house and garden and to cheer both me and the house up but I came home with just one little yellow primrose for the vast sum of 89p. It has found a home in the conservatory, or sun room in estate agent's jargon, with the daffodils I bought at the week-end and last week's tulips which are just at that wonderful stage where they open up and then droop and become like little sculptures rather than flowers.

There was disappointment again this morning with feedback from the estate agents, who rang whilst we were doing our mooching - well we were actually looking at a black and red plush pterosaur in the children's toy section - the first viewers thought that the front drive was too small, now we've had three cars parked on there when we've had visitors but apparently these people also have a van and a caravan to park as well as a couple of cars. The second viewers are still just looking around and ours was the first house they had viewed and they haven't even got their house up for sale yet. I'm getting really fed up now. One good note from this week is that we have been asked by Royal Mail to work for them again over the Easter period. We must have done something right at Christmas then. I had no idea that lots of extra mail was sent for Easter; people must send lots of cards and presents but surely they don't put chocolate eggs in the post!!?

Miss Chloe decided earlier in the week that she liked the tulips as she basked in the sunshine in the conservatory- Ha, no - I must learn to call it the sun room.


  1. It must be really disappointing that you aren't having any luck selling the house, my son and his wife have had their apartmet on the market for nearly a year now and have had two buyers drop out just before they were due to exchange. It's not a good time to be selling unfortunately. Still, the garden centre looked pretty enough to cheer anybody up :)

  2. I feel for trying to sell your house I know what it's like. I got so fed up always having the house tidy and showing people around who I knew after a few minutes weren't interested in buying. The faults they used to come with

  3. hi Rosis can only get on at work at the mo - still no broadband. Where did you get your postcard album??

  4. Rowan - nice to see you here - hope your son & wife sell their appartment soon.

    Rosie - thanks - it is soul destroying sometimes, isn't it?

    catherine - I bought it from a shop called 'Past Times' I would say about 10 years ago - I've never seen any since - I wish I'd bought a couple more at the time.