Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Walk in Sunshine

Today we walked around one of the lakes at Greenway Bank Country Park. The park is just a short drive away, up through the north of the city and then out towards Biddulph Moor where the first trickle of water, which as it flows further south and then east, grows and widens into the River Trent.

When we arrived in the car park there were just two others before us; a man walking his dogs and an old gentleman sporting cap and ear defenders, pushing an ancient cycle which had an old oil drum attached to it. He was foraging in the hedgerows for food and had apples from the still espaliered trees growing against the red brick walls which once bordered the kitchen garden of the old estate of Greenways Bank House, but were now enclosing the tarmac car park. We walked for about an hour and a half and then drove towards Bagnall passing the wonderful church at Brown Edge on the way.

It was really difficult to take photos as the sun was so bright, although it was really chilly and breezy as well.

Brown Edge is a lovely village that stretches for miles with wonderful views of both the countryside and the old workings of the Chatterley Whitfield pit, once a mining museum and now undergoing refurbishment.

We arrived at Jackson's Nursery at Bagnall just in time for lunch, which was cheese and tomato oatcakes with salad and a mug of coffee. All for three pounds each. Not a bad price really.

As it was blowing a gale on the outside decking we sat inside, and at noon we were the only customers there so we somehow missed out on the 'midday madness' required by the photo competition - perhaps we will manage tomorrow's theme of 'dinner time'.


  1. Thank you for that lovely trip. Completely took me away for a moment.

  2. hi, lois, glad you enjoyed the trip, thanks for popping by and leaving a message:)