Monday, September 24, 2007

UK at Home

This week is UK at Home week in which people are asked to take photos at particular times each day this week to give a snapshot of life across the UK. Fifty professional photographers are out and about across the country taking photos of the things that make up ordinary, everyday life - to quote from their website:-

'For one entire week, from 24 - 30 September, the UK at Home project will enable millions to capture "the emotions of home." We're looking for the distinctive rituals, ceremonies, traditions, intimate moments and all the myriad ways in which we work, play, learn, conduct our lives and interact with friends, family members (and pets!) as we transform our houses (and flats, caravans, etc) into our homes.'

The photos will end up in a book but also there is a facility on the web site in which anyone can submit a photo and each day there is a project and list of ideas that you can use when taking your photograph and a site for uploading them so other people can see them too.

I think this is a great idea, similar to the mass blog of last year, and we have decided to participate. Below is our photo, taken at 9a.m. this morning, not the greatest photo, but the usual everyday happening in our household. Cats wake us at 6a.m. asking to go out, by the time we've got up, had breakfast and tidied round they are back in again and fast asleep. Hmm....

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