Sunday, September 16, 2007

One of My Poems

I wrote this poem a few years ago after we paid a visit to Sutton Scarsdale Hall.

How many people's voices
have echoed through your halls?
How many children's fingers
have run along your walls?

How many people's footsteps
have crossed your old stone floors?
How many children's hopes and dreams
have left by your huge oak doors?

How many people have lived their life
in the warmth of your mellow stone?
How many children have passed away?
How many to adulthood grown?

How many years have you stood here
full of secrets and mystery?
Now you stand as a crumbled ruin
proudly open for all to see.

© RosiePursglove July 2002


  1. Your blog is saving my sanity, as I deal with everyday mundane problems.
    I open up your blog and enjoy the pictures and notes.
    P. Spalding

  2. like your poem:) What a fab place!