Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weather Report

Well, after the spring like weather of Saturday and Sunday this is the state of the garden today. The cats are not liking it at all; for some reason they think it is my fault.

You have to admit though, that this weather is more normal for early February.

Off to have some warming soup for lunch. I just hope the council have gritted the roads well so that it doesn't take Paul over two hours to get home from work like it did when we last had a downfall like this.


  1. Oh, I thought you were having summer! Well, I know what it's like not to like the weather, tell your cats it will be gone soon enough!

  2. the cats are giving me the same look that they do when we move a piece of furniture or get the vacuum cleaner out:)

  3. Fantastic! Fantastic!

  4. Isn't it nice that everyones garden looks lovely with a thick covering of snow? Even some of our neighbours' ones look delightful, now that the snow has covered the old mattresses and shopping trollies!

  5. thanks, mrsnesbitt - not nearly as good as yours though - love your doorways ones:)

    gary,lol - and I thought I'd cleverly disguised that Tesco trolly ;)

  6. I was envying you all over there with your early spring and now I see the white stuff has come back. Seems here that though we had a late winter, it`s really making up for it!
    Beautiful pictures! Nice blog and it looks like a lovely area where you live :)


  7. Hello tea & welcome, Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your kind comments,I'm popping over now to read yours :)