Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Visit to the Garden Centre

Today, after a much needed trip to the supermarket - the cupboard, fridge and freezer were bare, and even worse we were down to our last four sachets of cat food - we drove out to Bridgemere Garden Centre to buy tomato seeds and compost. Even though it was sunny in Stoke as we drove out towards the Maer hills and through to Woore the mist was swirling across the road. Of course we hit the coffee shop first whilst it was still fairly quiet and then had a wander around the new spring time displays. We hadn't visited since just before Christmas and everything had changed. We also had a walk around the gardens there which, by then, were looking lovely in the bright sunshine.

We bought two types of tomato seeds, the popular Moneymaker and a plum tomato variety called Incas. These are now potted in plastic catering cups with holes drilled in the bottom so we will await the results. The best plants will be nurtured in the conservatory before planting in the green house later on.

We managed to do a little bit of work in the garden after sorting out the seeds and I discovered a daisy on the lawn and a dandelion in one of the beds - both in flower and Paul spotted a Peacock butterfly and noticed rose buds on our yellow rose. In February? I don't expect to see these things until much later. To quote one of my heroes Christopher Hill - 'The World Turned Upside Down' - well it has in our garden anyway.


  1. NO!! I cannot believe how beautiful it is by you, Rosie! You are having summer, now? Do you ever get cold and snow? I don't know much about the geography or weather... I want to find out more about what kind of weather you have!

  2. hi, sissy, it is very unusual to be so warm this early in the year - it is very noticeable that the winters here are getting wetter and warmer, instead of the cold, crisp winters we used to have - all down to global warming. Having said that today is cold and frosty with little flakes of snow drifting in the air but not settling on the ground. I may post in a day or two about the weather I remember as a child :)

  3. My garden is in bloom too - such a shame considering the weather today. My grass doesn't stop growing now - years ago the last cut was in Sept / Oct - it's up to my knees currently. Global warming eh?

  4. hi gary, we thought about cutting the lawn earlier this week - but once you start that's it for another season and as it is usually me who cuts the lawns, I'm leaving it as long as possible.