Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grey, Grey

For the past week I've been feeling rather low but can't put my finger on any particular reason. For five days now I've had a sore throat and tickly cough which has just about driven me mad and I keep wanting to curl up and sleep. Today it has finally turned into a cold so I'm sitting here with eyes streaming. I've just seen a grey squirrel dancing and prancing across the lawn but, of course, by the time I'd got the camera out and set up it had disappeared. The weather outside is grey and misty so I'm going to add a poem that I wrote, nearly five years ago. I actually wrote it in November and the inspiration came whilst I was walking in Longton, my nearest town. I wandered down The Strand, into Times Square, under the railway bridge and across the old St John's churchyard to home. When I got home I wrote this:-


Grey, grey windswept day,
when all life’s colour is washed away
by drizzling rain and misty gloom,
where, in the street, there is no room,
for anything but monochrome.

Urban seagulls swirl and dive
over naked trees looking half alive.
Pigeons shelter beneath dripping eaves
above damp pavements where sodden leaves
turn from russet to monochrome.

Umbrellas turned against the rain,
then blowing inside out again
as their owners rush towards their day
in concrete boxes bleak and grey
and a life in monochrome.
©Rosie Pursglove 2002

I think it sums up how I feel today. On a lighter note I was amused yesterday by the headline:-
'Man pulls car with ears' - ok, I know, you've guessed - my first thought was why would someone build a car with ears? Doh.....


  1. Rosie,
    I have been feeling the very same way. I would really like to put your poem on my blog, may I? If I give you credit??!!
    I have a grey day poem on there, now, but I really like yours!
    I hope you get some sun, soon and I hope spring comes tomorrow...

  2. Hi, sissy, sorry you have been feeling down too - take extra care and look after yourself :)

    Yes, of course you can put my poem on your blog - I'd be honoured - thank you.

  3. Man pulls car with ears! I love it - though I read it as you did too - so we're both a bit 'duh!'

    Love the poem - wish I could write like that.

    Get better soon.

  4. Hi gary, thanks so much for your kind words about my poem - hope you will visit again. Am feeling a lot better today:)