Sunday, February 18, 2007

Two down, one to go!

There is a saying, isn't there that Everything comes in Threes. Yesterday we found out that the ball valve in the header tank, which is up in the roof, was leaking and the overflow outside was dripping onto the garage roof and leaving a damp patch just near the front door. We went to the local DIY shop this morning to buy replacements and when we got back the washing machine, which I'd left on whilst we popped out, had leaked all over the floor because a seal inside had come loose. So poor Paul, who still has marking and planning to do ready for starting back to college tomorrow, ended up mending the washing machine and then sorting out the tank in the roof. I'm extremely grateful that he is able to do a lot of these jobs because it would cost a lot to call out an engineer, but, ever the pessimist, I keep wondering what is going to be the next thing to break or stop working.

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  1. There's no worse trouble than water trouble. Thank goodness you all can fix it yourselves!!