Thursday, March 08, 2012

To Ashbourne

After Tuesday's thick early morning mists which lasted well beyond midday and Wednesday's heavy rain and strong winds it was lovely to get out for a longer walk in a little bit of sunshine.  We parked near the old railway tunnel at Ashbourne and walked for about an hour along the Tissington  Trail.

The fields were looking green even though the trees were still in want of  their leaves.  It was cold enough for the horses in this field to be wearing their coats.

After about an hour we turned round and came back again and then walked into the town to pick up some sandwiches for lunch.  There were some lovely old troughs full of spring flowers.  

I love the selection of shops along this street.  Even though Thursday is market day the town seemed very quiet.

I was glad to see this bookshop still open as the other bargain bookshop on the main road had closed down.  What a shame!  There are still lots of books in the Oxfam shop too.

After a quick visit to Waitrose we headed back to the car to eat our sandwiches.   The poster on the newsboard below caught my attention.  Of course I had to look up 'George the Psychic Peasant' when I got home.  Apparently he was infamous amongst locals in the village he lived in and the local postman was more frightened of him that any dog.  He did though, succesfully predict the result of this year's Shrovetide football match  which is held each year in the streets of the town. 

Still on a pheasant theme on our way back from Ashbourne we diverted through the pretty village of Snelston and as we were leaving the village we saw a blue pheasant crossing the road.  Luckily we were moving quite slowly as it was a very narrow lane so it safely reached the other side of the road and ran up the bank.  Of course my camera was in the boot of the car!  I also looked up blue pheasants when I got home and found that they were still quite rare with some sightings in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire reported so far.


  1. You know I love Ashbourne. Its a great place for a day out. Love the photos Rosie - did the book arrive? xxx

  2. Never seen a blue pheasant but I just Googled it and found a very convincing photo of one. Lots of very dark pheasants around here as well as the odd pure white one. But psychic pheasants! Ye gods!

  3. What a shame the book shop has closed. At least the one you photographed is still there. We always enjoy a trip to Ashbourne.

    I've never seen a blue pheasant either but I have seen black ones. Now I'm wondering if they're the same kind as I've never seen them in the sunshine so perhaps the black ones would have the blue iridescence in the right light?

    I've heard of blue pheasants on Saddleworth Moor too and I've seen several black ones in the last few months around the Peak.

  4. Ah, it seems black and blue are indeed the same kind... I've just done some googling and found a page based on Norfolk which states

    "not simply blackish Pheasants as might be expected of melanistic birds, but according to variations in light conditions they may appear green, purple or blue (or black). The term "melanistic" is frequently applied to these birds, but it is apparently not technically correct to describe this irridescent plumage as melanism. Although there is possibly some Japanese Green Pheasant influence in their ancestry (but I suspect not), these intriguing birds are best referred to as a variation, or mutation, of (Common) Pheasant. The variation is known as 'tenebrosus'."

    I've learned something new today :)

  5. Ashbourne is a lovely little town.Must revisit soon.

  6. We love Ashbourne too, but we haven't been for a while. Must put it on the 'list'.

  7. Haven't been to Ashbourne for many years but plan to go back one day. The photos are great.

  8. It looks like a lovely place to visit. Poor old George though!x

  9. Ironically, I was in Ashbourne today too - also buying lunchtime sandwiches. Where did you buy yours?

  10. I love Ashbourne and was nearly there on Tuesday when I had an unexpected half day off work. But I went to Belper instead!

  11. I don't recall ever going to Ashbourne - but I'm not very well travelled. Another bookshop has closed down in our market town - they really do seem to be struggling don't they - I blame Amazon myself!

  12. Thanks for the lovely photos of Ashbourne. They reminded me of an enjoyable visit there a few years ago.


  13. I think I'd better get down to Ashbourne while that bookshop is still there! I've never walked the Tissington trail nor visited the village of Tissington either so this summer I shall try and fit them all in to one long day out.

  14. Diane - yes it did, many thanksxx

    John - does seem a bit much doesn't it?:)

    Louise - wow, thanks for all the info about the blue phesants - very interesting:)

    busybeejay - hope you manage another visit soon:)

    Kathy - ditto to above - hope you manage another visit soon:)

    Patricia - again ditto - hope you can visit soon:)

    Simone - yes it is s shame about George - wonder what happened?:)

    H - as we didn't have long on the car park ticket we popped into Waitrose we may have passed you by and not known:)

    morning aj - Belper is nice to one day we will go to the same place at the same time:)

    elaine - me too - well Amazon and supermarkets.

    Tracey - glad you enjoyed the photos:)

    Rowan - I'm sure you'll enjoy walking some of the trail and visiting Tissington it is a very interesting little village:)