Monday, March 19, 2012

Biddulph Grange Gardens - part two

In my last post I promised more photos of our visit to Biddulph Grange Gardens.  As always I took loads of photos so I've sorted out some of the ones that I hope you will enjoy looking at.

 This is the view you see from the top of the steps when you first arrive.

 The pathway to the Chinese Garden (see my last post) made of old tree roots

I'm not sure what this plant is called, we have one in our garden although the leaves are more red than green at the moment.  Anyone know what it is?

 The garden is full of interesting bits of architecture and hidden nooks and crannies

The other end of the 'tree root' walk

 There is something to surprise and delight around every corner

 Tunnels to wander through

Tall trees to gaze up at

This is the Cheshire Cottage and through here is the 'Egyptian Garden'

As you can see there are lots of areas to this garden I'm on photo overload already and I still haven't shown you the Dahlia Walk - at present full of tulips, the Woodland Walk, the Italian Garden or the Lake.  Mr Bateman's geological gallery which we visited this time last year was closed for refurbishment but the other exhibition area was open.

View of the surrounding countryside from the Wellingtonia Avenue.  We visited the gardens when we first came to live in this area and the trees down the walk were only about three or four feet high - just look at them now.


  1. Aren't we lucky to live near to such a magical place? We visited last year and sat on the cafe terrace looking down on such splendour. I think this has to be the most playful of gardens.

  2. The gardens look fascinating with so much to see and do. Thanks for sharing Rosie. x

  3. Looks like a lovely place for a bit of a wander - that plant, by the way, is a Bergenia or is it Berengia?

  4. Wow those trees are so tall - it must be longer than I thought since we last visited! We still haven't visited that geological gallery after saying we would when you mentioned it last year.

    My favourite bit of the whole garden is the path with all the old tree roots! I always thinks it looks sort of prehistoric.

  5. elaine, I've just googled Bergenia and that is it! Many thanks:)

  6. Lovely gardens, Rosie. I like the pyramids!
    I've always called that plant Elephant's Ears ... I think it's really Bergenia.

  7. I have that plant at the bottom of my garden I think and I hate it because it takes over everything. (If it's the same one.)

  8. It does look a fabulous garden - I shall have to make time for a visit.xx

  9. Biddulph Grange looks more and more like a place I'd like to visit - your pink flower is a bergenia, I have it growing in my garden and just starting to flower.

  10. Thanks for these visits to Biddulph Grange. Its a fascinating place, we went a couple of years ago. That plant is a Bergenia. We have it in our garden too, but it has never flowered. Don't know why, but I keep on hoping!

  11. So beautiful - makes me want to fly right over there and go see this magnificent garden.

  12. We celebrated one of Ben's birthdays with a picnic at the top of the Wellingtonia Avenue. I'm not sure which one, but something below seven. It was a fun day.

  13. Stunning gardens Rosie. Such imagination required in designing it all. I would love to wander around exploring all those nooks and crannies.


  14. How fun to be able to visit this beautiful garden with you! Thanks for taking me along. :-) I do know that the plant is called Bergenia Cordifolia or folk's name Elephant's ears. We have some in our front garden which is worse for wear after the previous owners did not do anything in the garden for 16 years. We found it half hidden and replanted it in a little different spot. They did nothing last year and are starting to perk up a little this year.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. I would give anything to be there with You !!! Post will have to do and I thank You for it, I walked with You in my imagination...
    Lots of hugs Rosie !

  16. Great photos, I think Prince Charles has a root walk, but I think he calls it a stumpery, very gothic.

  17. It's a great place to visit, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip there. Suzy x

  18. I could quite easily live in Cheshire Cottage! Looks like a great gardens, and one we have yet to discover. x

    PS. Yes definitely Bergenia Elephants Ears!