Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garden Time

It's time to be out in the garden again. 

 There are so many things happening out there at the moment.  Bees (and cats) buzzing around the heather.

Spring flowers shyly showing their faces in the bright spring sunlight.

Lots of jobs to be done in preparation for later in the year.  Things like sowing seeds and cleaning the greenhouse.  The first mowing of the grass.

Indoors the first seedlings are appearing

At the top of the garden the wild garlic looks fresh and green

Nearby in the pond the frogs are doing what frogs do best at this time of year.

Yesterday Rocky brought two of his pals with him to feed at our table.  Paul named him Rocky as he is a  Rock Dove or 'town hall pigeon' as folk around here call them  We are used to seeing wood pigeons and collard doves feeding but this is something new - these pigeons are coming up from the town centre to find rich pickings in the gardens around here.  I expect the surroundings are much better than sitting under the railway bridge.

The friendly, button eyed robins who follow me to the feeders nearly every morning and sit as close as they can when I put out their food are nesting in a bush quite close to the kitchen window so we've been watching them from the kitchen sink flitting in and out of the branches with bits of grass, twigs and other materials.

There is life in the garden again after so many grey days - time to enjoy it!


  1. We had a weekend of working in the garden too. It was bright and sunny here in Holland.

    Love your kitties! Mine does not go outside but is a joy. He loved that the door was open and he sat in the doorway sniffing the spring air.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. It's amazing to me that Spring is already here!!
    But it's undeniable.

  3. How adaptable animals can be. Love the shot of your cat.

  4. Your cats look SO happy! Here's hoping that the weather remains settled for a while. Jx

  5. Delightful pictures of your cats. I don't know anyone who doesn't love spring fllowers.

  6. A wonderful post! You have quite a few flowers, and all that pond activity too! I gave the grass its first haircut of the year on Sunday but haven't got around to sowing seeds or cleaning the greenhouse yet. I hope you share lots of your lovely garden posts with us this year Rosie! x

  7. we spent Sunday in the garden too but I don't have any seedlings done as yet so well done you!

  8. those are some stunning photos... we have felt a real decline with frogs (and in my parents pond too)... have you roughly the same numbers of frogs, do you think? Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  9. Lovely, I have frog spawn envy! I've decided to have a bit of a change around in the garden and the robin is loving the all of the newly exposed soil. He follows me round too, keeping his beady eye on me.

  10. A wondererful time of year - whilst I have been cooped up at work, I knew you would be out in the garden. xx

  11. I spent all of Monday afternoon working in the garden. It was so lovely to be out there in a bit of sunshine. Photos will follow shortly :)

  12. Happy gardening Rosie! My garden is looking pretty bare at the moment :(

  13. Lovely photos of your cats. I agree, your Chloe is very like my Phoebe. We have a lot of reading tastes in common. I have Oaken Heart on the tbr shelves and I also like Elly Griffiths and Amanda Vickery. I'm off to explore your blog further.

  14. I'll bet you aren't the only one who's been watching the robin's building their nest - I imagine there's been a certain amount of feline interest in the proceedings too:)