Sunday, August 21, 2011

A visit to Tatton Park

We hadn't been to Tatton Park, a National Trust property near Knutsford in Cheshire for ages, so, since we are once again members of the trust we decided, one day last week, to visit.  On our last venture there we just walked in the parkland and had a guided tour around the Tudor Old Hall. This time we went into the Mansion and around the gardens. 

We had wanted to visit the Tudor Old Hall again but it was closed so we made for the gardens and spent ages wandering around until the Mansion was open.  Photography wasn't allowed inside although I have noticed this year that many properties have started to allow photographs to be taken as long as you don't use flash.

There was a wondeful walled kitchen garden and orchard.  All the fruit and vegetables grown here are used in the restaurant and to make produce for the shop.  Some of the freshly picked vegetables were on sale in the garden shop too.

As usual I took far too many photos and it has been difficult choosing which ones to show you but the ones I've chosen are from some of my favourite parts of the garden.

 The gateway to the Tower Garden

Above and below are taken near Golden Brook as you head towards the Japanese garden, which was closed when we passed by. You can only go in on a guided tour.  I loved the bridge and water lillies and the huge gunnera plants by the water.

Another favourite was the Fernery which was so light and airy inside

Ferns are such fascinating plants.

The pale pink fuchsia below was in the show house which was attached to the fernery.  Next door the huge conservatory was being refurbished ready for opening early next year.

There is quite a lot more to see and do here; we didn't get to the farm but there is a little road train to take you there from the main car park.  There was also a steam fairground next to the car park and picnic area as well as a huge carousel in the courtyard.  It does cost £5 to park your car which came as a bit of a shock and our sandwiches and apple juice from the Stables restaurant cost double that and more and I only ate half of mine as the wasps in the outside seating area made me very uneasy - I'd forgotten about it being August and therefore wasp time as we found our table outside. 

After the disappointment of finding the Tudor Old Hall closed even though it said on the website it would be open we wandered around and took some photos of the fallow deer in the park.  They really are such beautiful creatures.


  1. It must have been so frustrating that part of the house was closed even though the website said it was open! The gardens are lovely though - so nice to see lots of healthy produce. We have loads of wasps around at the moment too and I'm not too keen eating outdoors when they are around. I think the fallow deer look so majestic and photogenic! x

  2. That must have been annoying, but at least there was plenty to see outside. The fernery is gorgeous and I've always loved walled kitchen gardens.

  3. Sad that the house was closed but how perfect to be left with a whole day-full of wandering in these beautiful gardens. Your picture of those delicate pink flower trumpets in The Fuchsia House is just magical.


  4. I'm wondering where to break our journey on the way back from North Wales next month. It would be slightly out of our way but it looks nice. I've got Biddulph Grange on the list too. Little Moreton Hall.
    As you can tell I'm having trouble making my mind up!

  5. Tatton is great isn't it?We were there last Wednesday.We took our two granddaughters(6 and 3).We didn't go in the house but did the gardens.They love going in the maze.We all had a ride on the carousel and did take the little train to the farm.Perhaps we were there on the same day!!

  6. Simone - thanks it was lovely to see the deer so close, the cabbages and caulis they were selling in the shop were huge ones:)

    topchelseagirl - hello and welcome - the fernery was wonderful and there was so much to see in the walled garden:)

    Anna - the main Mansion was open but the older tudor house was closed - those fuchsias were amazing:)

    AJ - they are all lovely places to visit - Biddulph is our nearest NT property and well worth a visit but my favourite is Little Moreton:)

    busybeejay - we were there on Wednesday too! what a small world - maybe we passed each other by without knowing - wasn't it a lovely warm day?:)

  7. Ive only ever been to Tatton to the RHS Garden show - I see I'll have to have a full and proper visit. You'll never guess who I bumped into today? I was actually keeping a look out for you and Paul as I felt sure you might be there. Nip over and see.

  8. Beautiful gateway to the garden!
    Please Rosie, do not mention car parks and entrance purse is still shocked after a weekend away, LOL!

  9. I haven't been to Tatton Park - it looks really lovely. Shame about the Tudor Old Hall being closed though. The Fernery looks very interesting.

    Don't talk about wasps! We were plagued by them when we had a cream tea at Ickworth House once - people were literally running away screaming!


  10. Oh dear, another place to put on my must visit list. You've made a fine job of editing the photos down: each one makes me want to go and see for myself.

  11. What a shame that the tudor house was closed! It's a while since I've been to Tatton, but I remember enoying the farm and all of the sculptures in the gardens. We had a ride on the carousel too!

  12. how lovely. I have never been but always wanted to.. now I feel I have. Thanks. Helen x

  13. how lovely. I have never been but always wanted to.. I've always loved walled kitchen gardens.