Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Gentle Stroll

On Sunday morning we had a gentle stroll around grounds of the Wolseley Centre, headquarters of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.  Below are some of the things I spotted as we walked

Glossy red currants

A beautiful Acer tree

A ladybird on a teasel

Ducks on a misty lake

A red eared terrapin (I think!)

Swans snoozing on the River Trent

A badger mosaic - logo of the Wildlife Trusts

Rowan berries

Burdock burrs

 The new boardwalk

I'll be back after the weekend with some photos taken yesterday in the gardens at Tatton Park.


  1. I'm trying to think of somewhere nice to go this weekend. This is a possibility! Although I was thinking more of retail therapy.

  2. Oh I'm so glad they raised enough money for the new board walk! Last time I was there they were fundraising but I hadn't heard anything since.

  3. Looks really lovely - can't wait for the Tatton Park photos. xxxx

  4. A lovely nature walk. So good for the soul. x

  5. Look at this currants!! Such a lovely color!
    Such a nice walk you had!

  6. What beautiful photographs! I haven't thought of red currants in years. My grandmother used to have some bushes in er back garden. I'd love yo follow that board walk.

  7. Thanks for following "By Stargoose And Hanglands". Lovely photos of Wolseley Centre, see you soon at Tatton Park!

  8. Loved your "green" pictures! It's always a refreshing sight for my sun burnt eyes!