Saturday, August 06, 2011

At The Burrows Gardens

The Burrows Gardens is a haven of peace and tranquility just off the A52 Ashbourne to Derby road near the villages of Kirk Langley and Brailsford.

It's ideal for a gentle stroll on a warm summer morning

The garden is set out in a series of smaller gardens and walkways each with a unique vista

The garden has been lovingly tended by Mr Dalton the owner of the house who was happy to chat to visitors about his vision of the garden and what it means to him.

We spent ages wandering around - every corner of the garden is a delight.

Below is the Temple Garden

and the Hydrangea garden also known as mini Cornwall.

It was wonderful to sit on the bench surrounded by Hydrangeas and Agapanthus - two of my favourites.

There is also a plant sales area and I would recommend trying some of the homemade cake with your morning coffee served in the barn or courtyard.

We had a wonderful time and there were only a handful of other visitors so we more or less had the place to ourselves.  The garden opens in season between 10.30a.m. and 4.30pm. on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and also on one Monday each month between April and September for the National Garden Scheme.

Some more views of the garden

Click on any of the photos to enlarge!


  1. my favorite is the hydrangea garden! Love it..

  2. That looks like a lovely garden ... my favourite was the temple and pool.

  3. It looks lovely! When I was at Uni, I would have been driving right past without ever knowing it was there, I must keep it in mind for when we head that way!

  4. Lovely gardens with the foliage spilling out on to the pathways.x

  5. That looks a beautiful garden.I have provisionally booked somewhere for all my family to stay at Waterhouses near Ashbourne.Is that anywhere near you and could you recommend anywhere to eat.It is a secret for my OH's birthday in December.

  6. Beautiful Gardens. That swing looks exactly like the one my grandmother had on her sycamore tree in her back garden at Bushey Heath.

  7. What a lovely garden it looks :)

  8. busybeejay - Waterhouses is a small village where the start of one end of the Manifold Trail begins. There are two pubs Ye Old Crown is still open but the Red Lion is closed, there is also a fish and chip shop. We've passed through it occasionally and parked there once to walk the trail to Thor's Cave and Wetton Mill. I don't really know of anywhere to recommend to eat - I would expect there are good places in Leek (the only restaurant I have eaten in there was wonderful but is now closed) there is also Primo Piano which was good a few years ago but I have no idead about its quality now. Ashbourne - again quite a few pubs there and not far away is the Izzac Walton hotel - near Dove Dale but again I've never been. Sorry I can't be of more help:)

  9. The entrance is just stunning! And the Hydrangeas' corner looks like heaven!

  10. another place to put on my list of "Must see destinations" when we get the time. It looks wonderful and all the more special for belonging to someone who loves it.

  11. Looks gorgeous. And it's not far from us. I've never heard of it though. One of those well kept secrets!

  12. What a delightful garden and how fortunate to have the place to yourselves.

    I dream of having a garden like this.

    Marie x

  13. In case you don't get back to my post about Belper you can find more on the poetry trail and a link to the route map here.