Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2011

Here are my photos for the February Photo Scavenger Hunt.  It has been great fun finding them!  There are many more on Flickr via Kathy's blog Postcards from the P.P.  - link -  (which I can't seem to join without giving them a lot of  information) so I'll just leave mine here.  
In no particular order..............

Post Box

Post Box outside the Beresford Tea Rooms, Hartington, Derbyshire

A Round Faced Clock

Clock on the side of the old station building, now a bookshop and cafe, at Hassop, Derbyshire


Chloe - no doubt thinking 'not that camera again'!!
Something Red
An old Dennis fire engine c. 1951 outside the fire station, Clay Cross, Derbyshire

A big lorry/truck

Travelling along the A515 between Buxton and Ashbourne - taken from The Tissington Trail near Parsley Hay.

A Bridge

The bridge at Haywood Junction in the village of Great Haywood, Staffordshire where the Trent and Mersey Canal meets the Staffordshire and Worcester canal.  The signpost indicates 'To the Trent', 'To Wolverhampton' and 'To the Potteries'!
A Park Bench

In Longton Park, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire  - spot the squirrel?
Something Heart-shaped
Found in one of the antique/ bric-a-brac barns at Dagfields, near Nantwich, Cheshire
A Musical Instrument
A Mandolin in one of the antique /bric-a-brac barns at Dagfields, near Nantwich, Cheshire

Your shoes
Bought in the sale at Pavers shop in December - not worn yet!
Something with Stripes

Small beach hut in the 'seaside' garden in Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire
Newspaper Headline
It's been ages since we indulged in a Saturday newspaper - I will probably take all weekend to read it!

(Edit 1/3/11 - I've now worked out how to upload to the Flickr group so my photos are there too!)


  1. I've enjoyed your photos and am rather jealous of all your derbyshire ones!

    It's been too long since I visited those places, but a combination of factors have kept me either indoors or in wolverhampton over the last month or two! Maybe we'll rectify that this afternoon!

  2. Great photos! I was thinking of entering this because it seemed such fun, but the end of February has arrived rather quicker than anticipated and I haven't snapped half of the stuff I need! I'll try harder next month!

  3. You did well to find all the things on the list! I wanted to participate but time just ran away with me! I love Chloe's eyes. She has such a pretty face. I woke to bright sunshine this morning but now the day has relapsed into the dull, grey and overcast look that we have became accustomed to! x

  4. I started this too and still need a couple more items to complete the list and don't know if I'll get them in time!!!! Yikes, it's nearly March already!

    If I don't finish it maybe I'll just publish the ones I've got then try harder next time.

    Great photos.

  5. Great photos - love the old fire engine - and the cat! Abby

  6. Rosie, you have done so well with your photos being it such a short month! I haven't any photos for this month's Scavenger Hunt, so very doubtful of me entering. I hope to do better for March, if other things don't get in the way? x

  7. Wonderful photographs! I love the clock especially.
    Happy Weekend!

  8. Great photos - hope you enjoyed your paper. I love Hassop station (cafe and bookshop!!) xxx

  9. Wonderful photos. You have such lovely things to photograph in your country. Gorgeous old clocks, post boxes, bridges, just beautiful.
    Have a lovely week,
    Anne xx

  10. This is just so much fun...I love seeing what everyone else photographs from the same list I was working from! Love your choices and great photos!

  11. I love that old fire engine! I must look for that old clock at Hassop, I go there often but have never noticed it!

  12. I love seeing everyone's interpretation - all so different!
    Love that stripey beach hut :)

  13. This is such good fun isn't it?
    Popped over to you from Heartshaped to have a nosy at yours!
    Love the beach hut and the sneaky squirrel. Oh and the heartshaped one.
    Lisa x

  14. Great photos, you can see that have had a great time.....good old Derbyshire!

  15. A great set of photos ...I love that bridge !

  16. Lovely pics - they have inspired me to have an outing on Saturday afternoon!

  17. I am loving looking at everyones photos! I love Chloe's eyes, I did Lucy's eyes!

  18. Hello Rosie,I love your blog! I'm so glad joining the Scavenger Hunt has led me to you. All of your photos are fantastic and I've been off on some of your walks. I love the Peak district after spending 2 weeks there a few years ago so love to see your photos.

  19. Hi Rosie!
    How cool would it be to have a beach hut like that in the garden?! :D

  20. Lovely! Especially liked the post box, the round faced clock and the bridge!