Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At Lathkill Dale

We had some free time on Friday so we set out not quite knowing where we were going but the car has its way of taking the road towards Frogall, Ipstones and out to Hartington.  From here it was anybody's guess as to where we would end up.  We did need to buy some bread making flour so decided to head towards Bakewell and Rowsley. 

We'd made a flask of coffee and some biscuits for elevenses so we decided to stop at the village of Over Haddon for a break and a short walk down into Lathkill Dale.

It was a very still, overcast day but the birds were singing in the trees as we wandered down to the  river.  We saw quite a few blackbirds, chaffinch and a robin or two as well as pheasants taking their morning stoll across the road.

The lichens and mosses on the walls and barn roof were so green against the grey of the stones and slates.  The River Lathkill rises just below the village of Monyash and flows through the valley towards Haddon Hall where it joins with the River Wye.  Every year for the past few years we have had great intentions of re-visiting Haddon Hall but have never made it.   The last time we visited we took Mum and Dad; sadly now both long gone.This year we intend to get there!  I think it is my favourite of Derbyshire's famous houses.  Hardwick Hall, which is close to the village we lived in when I was a child, comes a close second.
The river seemed quite full and was moving at quite a rate, swirling and eddying against the banks.  We saw a dipper bobbing up and down on stones in the river.   Sorry no birdy photos - my camera isn't good for close-ups.  There were lots of lovely snowdrops growing on the river bank.

After a gentle stroll it was time to head back up the hill to the car park and continue our journey towards Bakewell and Rowsley where we bought bags of flour at Caudwell's mill.  More of this journey later!


  1. I wish I lived near some wonderful walks as you do Rosie. There is a familiarity about the photos - I feel I know the place although I have never been there!!! I read in a book this week that a reduction in pollution means that moss and lichens grow. It seems that the air is very clean around there! x

  2. As you know I LOVE Lathkill Dale - one of my favourite walks. xxxx

  3. It's a while since I've walked down Lathkill Dale. Last time I went, it was a hot summer day and the river had disappeared underground.

  4. I've loved seeing your photographs today Rosie. I've enlarged them all for a better look. There is something really beautiful about moss and lichens, with their intense colours and their textures. I really wish I could be on a walk like that today. We visited Haddon a couple of years ago and it is lovely, it has that really arm, lived in feel.


  5. What a lovely walk! I love moss and lichens - and snowdrops!

  6. I love the fact that your car took you there! :)

  7. This is a beautiful spot and I have enjoyed your photos!

    We last visited Haddon about 18 months ago and had a great day there!

    My car has a habit of leading my to lovely places too, and when we are not sure where to go, my car seems to lead us to Hartington or Bakewell!

  8. I have a wonderful warm woolly jumper that I bought at Caudwell's Mill a few years ago. Not been for ages though. I really must make the effort.

  9. Dear Rosie, I am de-lurking to let you know how very much I enjoy your photos and accounts of your walks. I live (somewhat discontentedly) in the arid front range of Colorado, and I miss the green lushness of New England, where we lived for 20 years. Your photos remind me so much of our life there. I am also a genealogy buff, and your family history blog inspires me to consider doing the same for my family. I am so pleased to have found your blog! Have a wonderful day.

  10. It is a long time since I went to Lathkill Dale, it was when I went hiking with some of my friends way back in the 1960's! Lathkill Dale is beautiful and your photos are great.

  11. Another lovely post along with gorgeous photos of the surrounding countryside.

  12. Hello Rosie,

    Diane told me to get over to your's way back last year, & finally I made it!

    I think I probably live near some of your old stomping ground.

    So lovey to read your post, the pictures are beautiful and a reminder to get out & explore what is on my doorstep.



  13. Such gorgeous sights! This is making me homesick for country life and abandon the city:)

  14. I love the photos of the lane with moss covered walls and the barn. Haddon Hall is my absolute favourite of all the stately homes I've visited over the years. The medieval kitchens are wonderful and the whole house seems eminently liveable in. The gardens are beautiful too. Everyone heads for Chatsworth or Hardwick but Haddon is much nicer:)

  15. Simone - that's true the cleaner the air the more lichens will grow:)

    Diane - uncle Geoff's is beckoning I think:)

    H - the river was so high last week - I can't imagine it disappearing:)

    Tracey - glad you liked the photos mosses and lichen are wonderful aren't they? even the trees wee covered in them:)

    Abby - I wish I could have got better photos of the snowdrops. It was lovely to see them.

    Michela - Lol - it knows its way:)

    Louise - one day your car and our car are going to head in the same direction at the same time:)

    Morningaj - the gift shop has some lovely things - i could have spent pounds but just parted with 99p:)

    Paula - hello - thanks for de-lurking and leaving such a lovely message - glad you enjoy both my blogs - hope you will visit again and I hope you do start a genealogy blog for your family:)

    Jean, thanks, wish you could get there again sometime:)

    jordiegirl, thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos:)

    Lydia - Good for Diane! Great to see you here - perhaps you do - I grew up in N.E. Derbyshire just south of Chesterfield:)

    Jeanette - I so lucky that the city I live in is so close to such beautiful countryside:)

    Rowan - I agree about Haddon Hall - it's simply the best:)

  16. Ah Lathkill Dale is beautiful. Last time we had a picnic there we saw a dipper. Hardwick is one of those houses we keep meaning to revisit...it's ages since we've been. Thank you for showing us how beautiful the area is even at this time of year.

  17. These are just beautiful. I'd love to walk down those paths. xxoo jenny

  18. Another walk to put on my list. Isn't it lovely to have a bit more daylight and to hear those birds singing?

  19. What a lovely place for a walk. x

  20. Rosie,
    The photo of the house truly looks like an oil painting!
    **what is elevenses??**