Thursday, January 06, 2011

Splash of Colour for January

I've just remembered that it is time for 'A Splash of Colour' again!  As I haven't been out since our walk on Sunday due to still having the worst cough I've had in ages, in fact probably ever had,  I thought I'd show you one of my Christmas presents. 

Lovely bright pink, rose scented drawer liners!   According to the little V&A tag the pattern is adapted from an original design called 'Pink and Rose' by William Morris.

The original, in the V&A collections, is actually hand-block-printed wallpaper from about 1890 and is typical of Morris's later style.

Today is a strange day as I am now officially an OAP - I've had to wait a few months since my birthday as I'm in one of the first batch of women who will be  'moved forward' as the government gradually change the retirement age from 60 to 65 for all of us.  I can now go and get a bus-pass!  However did I get here?

Perhaps I'll venture out to do it as soon as this cough disappears.  I coughed so much yesterday I tired myself out - still, I'm not complaining as a friend of a friend has had the same bug and coughed so much that she has cracked a rib - I'm just grateful for small mercies! 

I'm also longing to get out and have my hair cut  and this morning my hairdryer gave up the ghost - perhaps it couldn't cope with the state of my hair anymore!  Neither can I!

Right, I'm off to sort out my drawers and re-arrange my underwear on top of some lovely rose-scented paper.


  1. The paper is gorgeous Rosie. I bet you will have the best decorated drawers in the neighbourhood!!! I am sorry to hear that you still have a nasty cough. My husband and my sister have both had terrible chesty coughs since Christmas Day. They are both Virgo's too! Hope you get to do loads of free travel on the buses once you get better! x

  2. So many nasty bugs going around, hope you feel better soon.

    If you don't act like an OAP you're not one in my book! Well apart from getting freebies, well not so much free as earnt.

  3. Another Virgo here with the lurgy! although mines seems to be on the way out now thankfully. I'd start acting like a pensioner if I were you now - sharpen those elbows and get to the front of the bus!!! No need to take sandwiches on trips any more - "pensioners specials" for you my dear! xxxxx

  4. i keep hearing about this terrible cough/cold thing going around, it seems everyone has been suffering over the last few weeks, though no one in my family has been ill and hopefully we'll continue avoiding the bugs!

    I do hope you feel well again soon. I think your bus pass could have come at just the right time with the petrol prices rising again and again :(

    Does officially being an OAP make you a concession now for the entry prices to houses etc?! Hopefully you can enjoy saving a few pennies on things like that!

    I wouldn't use the term OAP about you though! You don't seem old enough for that! In fact, I have an 80 year old friend and I don't consider her an OAP - she's still active and healthy, still drives and doesn't look much more than 65!

    What a lovely pattern on the drawer liners, I bet they smell fantastic! I'm beginning to enjoy the splash of colour posts I keep seeing on all these dull days!

  5. Gorgeous paper! I use my bus pass from time to time - it's quite handy! 10% off at B + Q on Weds too - and cheaper tickets at our local theatre / cinema!

  6. Happy belated birthday.There are definite advantages to being a retiree(better than OAP).We get concessions on theatre and film prices and loads of other things.Unfortunately my OH sometimes gets challenged as he doesn't look a day over 50!Me,my white hair is the giveaway.
    Love the drawer liners.

  7. That paper looks too good to hide away in a drawer, doesn't it. I do hope your cough clears up soon, then you can get out and put that bus pass to good use, though i'm sure you're not really entitled to it!

  8. Poor you, that cough sounds dreadful. I wouldn't go rushing out too soon!
    A bus pass! What fun! Where will you go first I wonder?

  9. I hope your cough leaves you soon. It's such a pain being unwell and not being able to get out and about. We have had a lot of recent cases of whooping cough here in Australia, with many grandparents contracted the illness. I guess their childhood vaccinations had worn off. I had a booster shot last week as a precaution.
    I love the drawer liners, they must smell heavenly.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  10. A cough can be so debilitating! Poor you. I hope it clears up soon.

    Congratulation on reaching bus pass age :) I'm afraid that I'm just young enough to have been hit with the full 'adjustment' and will now have to wait until I'm 66 before I can retire! Not welcome!!

  11. Lovely paper!
    OAP is a horrible label, much better to be a WEB - Wise Experienced Being!
    Coughing is very tiring, just find a good book and rest. Feel better soon. x

  12. I'm completely at a loss for Splash of Colour this month Rosie I may have to scout around for something in the house to photograph too! Your drawer-liners are very pretty.

    OAP - no way Rosie - I don't believe it! *chuckle*

    Hope you shake off that nasty cough very soon.


  13. As with you, the government moved the pension goalposts just as I approached! I am already 60, but not officially until next September! Annoying to have to wait for the pension and the bus pass, but still there are lots of concessions to be had, Boots for one, and we do get free prescriptions, which, when you have as many as I do, is a BIG blessing and saving.. so we must be grateful for small mercies.

  14. love your splash of colour! such a pretty print.

    greetings from a very wet somerset x

  15. I've not seen drawer liners for ages and those look gorgeous. Hope you have better luck using your bus pass than the mister here (our local council give them to people from the age of 60). He received his last year and now needs to familiarise himself with the bus routes as he always seems to end up in the wrong place!

  16. I love the colour of those drawer liners and the fact that they are a WM design makes them perfect. Hope you soon recover from your cough.


  17. many thanks to you for your kind comment.

    i do hope you are feeling better

    wishing you a lovely week xxx


  18. Oh what a glorious splash of colour. I was looking at scented drawer liners in Crabtree & Evelyn last week, but they were not as gorgeous as these.

    I do hope that your cough is soon better and congratulations on reaching your milestone birthday. Happy New Year Rosie!

    Marie x

  19. Welcome to the club! The best advice that I can give you Rosie is continue to be life-orientated and do not become age-orientated!