Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Photo Challenge

I've decided to join with Kathy and Lyn  and have a go at  the photo scavenger hunt - each month there is a list of topics or objects to photograph and you have to display them at the end of the month.  Looks like an interesting and fun challenge to brighten up the long winter months ahead.

Here is the list for January's hunt -

1. an abandoned building
2. a stained glass window
3. a goldfish
4. yarn
5. playground equipment
6. a library
7. a tombstone over 100 years old
8. your front door
9. a reflective surface ... not a mirror
10. something out of place
11. nature
12. bubbles

I've already taken one of the topics a couple of days ago without realising that I could use it for this! Just hope my little camera is up to the challenge, too!


  1. This sounds very interesting and I can already see quite a few on the list which it is possible for me to do. Maybe I'll have to give it a go too.

  2. Hi Rosie and again happy New Year!
    It sounds like a very interesting challenge, shame that I do not have time to join in :(
    Have fun, looking forward to seeing your wonderful piccies!

  3. I wasnt going to participate in this as it felt a bit like giving myself another job to do - but you ghave persuaded me to give it a go. (Although my front door could do with a serious coat of paint!!!!) xxxx

  4. This sounds like good fun, I might like to take part too!

    I look forward to seeing people's efforts at the end of the month!

  5. Happy New Year Rosie! Hmmm I have been thinking all afternoon about the scavenger photos, just trying to imagine where I could take the photos, but only in the local area. The abandoned building might be a problem but I'm working on it. xx

  6. What a good idea, i might have a go if i can muster up the courage. Not sure my skills are up to much though...xx

  7. I'm going to do it too.As long as it doesn't involve too much technical knowledge up laoding the photos!

  8. This challenge is building up nicely ... I can't wait to see the results at the end of the month. I haven't started yet ... and I don't think my little camera will give me great photos but I'll give it a try!

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see the results.

  10. Good luck with all the photography Rosie. I like your new look blog. x

  11. I'll look forward to seeing this. I wonder if your ears were burning? I did the Nigel Slater supper recipe you did, mushrooms with stilton and walnuts, yummy. I've also got to pick up the book Toast from the library. Thanks for that yummy post!

  12. yippee!
    glad your joining in, look forward to seeing your photos too!

  13. I'm going to give the Photo Scavenger Hunt a go, at least for January. I'd already inadvertently taken one photo too, and have ideas for some of the others. Happy New Year! x

  14. Hello, I've just found your blog by clicking on the Photo Scavenger Hunt links (I went from England to Australia and back again!)
    I think I might join in to as I have a new camera.

  15. This sounds like a good idea, I saw your blog on Louises (whose blog I follow) I see you lived in Derbyshire for a while, if you check out my blog, you can see pictures of a lot of it, as I live, work and walk there!
    Les ( )