Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thanks and Seven Things

My thanks go to Teresa at Blubeberries, Art and Life for this award. I don't really feel justified in accepting it though as I'm not an artist and I don't produce any kind of arts or crafts like some of writers of the super blogs I visit. It was so kind of Teresa to think of me and it was lovely to have a nice surprise in an otherwise ordinary weekend.
I have also to list seven things I love. Assuming that love of family, friends and pets is a given I'm including things that I love. It is hard to chose just seven but here goes:-

Just being by the sea

Trees and woodland in Autumn

Wandering around old buildings

Spring flowers and summer gardens

Soft, newly fallen snow

Going to the Theatre

Curling up with a good book

Well, I now have to pass this on to seven more bloggers and as you know from previous awards I always feel unable to chose so if you are passing by and would like to take the award with you then please do so.


  1. Hi Rosie. Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog. It is nice to see your kitty with his/her head in a good book!

  2. Now I know why I enjoy your blog so much... I love the seven things you picked! Great choices.

    Re: "don't produce any kind of arts or crafts".... but you do! Photography and writing are as "artsy" as painting... and you do them both very well.

  3. OK, I love the cat and the book picture. Cute.

  4. simone, great to see you here - Chloe likes to help me not to read my book - in fact she would far rather I gave all my attention to her:)

    teresa - you are so kind - thank you:) Glad you like my choices.

    melody - hope your Tigger is getting better day by day. My little one is cute - and she knows it:)

  5. The magnificent 7...and what a cute photo from your sweet Cloe..:)
    Is the world overthere still dressed in white...?What a winter this is..
    Stay warm and stay happy..

  6. Your lovely cat makes a great bookmark! x