Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancakes and a Tag

As it's Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day we had them for tea, drizzled with freshly squeezed orange juice. Mmm....

I've been tagged by Fern at Fern's Lakeland and I was asked to go to my photo album, choose my fourth photo folder and the fourth photo in - so here it is.

This is Apple Day, October 2004, at Ryton Organic Gardens in Warwickshire. It is a wonderful day out (as is their potato day) with orchards to visit, specialists to consult, apple based menus in the restaurant, trees to buy and apples to taste and buy. This is one of the tasting areas. I think this was taken by Paul as to the very right of the photo I recognise my fringe and my denim clad arm. Next to me, clutching her apple to be identified, is our friend Sue. There was an amazing array of different apple varieties and Sue bought a small tree which just fitted in our car so that we were able to get it home for her. I have to tag four other bloggers, I hope they don't mind, don't feel under any pressure to participate if you don't want to, anyway, here goes-

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Here is another photo taken at Ryton on the same day -


  1. I had pancakes the traditional way with lemon and sugar! I think the apple photo is really great. The picture really tells a story with all the different apple varieties on show, a lady munching her apple, your friend waiting for her apple's identification and everyone looking engaged in what they were doing! All in all a very interesting photo!

  2. It looks yummy. Now I'm hungry for pancakes and fresh strawberries. Rosie, your posts are always so interesting... with beautiful pictures to match. Thank you for the tag, I enjoyed yours...I love pears! I will post my tag tomorrow.

  3. Fabulous tag. My photo ended up being my Christening at St Johns in Longton, you bought a very funny memory back. I used to live in Kelmore Close, the one on the end next to John's garage, you'll know where it is no doubt, near Longton Transport.

  4. Your pancakes look wonderful! ;-)
    I am sad to say that I didn't get around to cooking pancakes this year ;-(

  5. Your pancakes look delicious, I have never tried them with orange rather than lemon juice, next time I'll experiment.
    The apple day looks very interesting, I would enjoy the opportunity to taste and compare some of the old varieties. I have planted one or two fruit trees but they are pretty ordinary varieties, something more unusual would be good to have.

  6. Now I know just what to eat today..pancakes..My favorite..with apple and sirop.I never tried them with orange but it sounds very good.Have a lovely weekend..

  7. I love the apple watchers! Everyone looks so serious studying those apples.

    Pancake day...every Tuesday? That's a tradition I could easily adopt!

  8. We love lemon and sugar on our pancakes. To visit Ryton Organic Gardens is on my wishlist of places to visit, one day! x