Sunday, April 08, 2007

Going Underground

A couple of photos from Poole's Cavern, I've managed to upload them but am now having problems again.

I actually sat down and watched Dr. Who last night, the first time since I was about twelve or thirteen years old. If I tell you that the Dr. Who I remember was played by William Hartnell and the only thing I remember about it, apart from The Doctor's black clothes and white hair is him having a rather tiresome, screechy granddaughter, you will realise how long ago that was. Why did I watch? The combination of Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre did it for me - just couldn't resist. I surprised myself and enjoyed it - giggled all the way through at both the Shakespeare and the J. K. Rowling references. Good job I've seen all the Harry Potter films even if I hadn't read the books at least I knew what they were talking about.


  1. I remember Dr Who from Patrick Troughton's days - though my favorite has to be Jon Pertwee - but I also remember Mr Hartnell coming back in an episode called the Three Doctors.

    Love the pictures of the caves, very impressive.


  2. All I remember is my mom loving it-and the scarf. The guy always had a scarf, didn't he??

  3. sissy, there have been several actors playing the Doctor over the years - I think one of them - Tom Baker - was famous for his hat and scarf - that must have been the one your Mom remembers :)