Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bit of Luck

Just a quick post today. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd had a photo accepted for Doorways Around the World - well here it is - go and have a look. I'm really pleased with it. Have a look at the other photos too - aren't they wonderful?

Also more good fortune - this week I found out I'd won a competition on The Book Club Forum for a signed copy of a Stephen Booth novel - as he is one of my favourite authors I'm thrilled to bits.


  1. Well Done on having your doorway up on the doorways round the world. I have had some of mine displayed and am always keen to see the new ones. Trouble is, now when I go out with the camera hubby says "Not another doorway! LOL"


  2. Congratulations on both.
    You should do more with your photography. Have you ever thought of selling your photos?

  3. Well done Rosie. I always wonder what's on the other side of any door which catches my attention. Is it into a hall or a room? It could be a time portal or whatever you want it to be. Also, congratulations on your bookclub success. I keep telling Susan that Ellis Peters was your age when she took off. I love the thought of having afternoon tea with my famous friend when I'm seventy. Even sooner would be nicer. Perhaps you could write 'tea stories' to be read with tea and cake during a half-hour break?

  4. mrsnesbitt, thanks for your comment - you certainly are the master of the doorways photos - I love your Staithes and Whitby ones. Lol at your hubby:)

    Jen, I've never thought of that - when I look at some of the really professional shots - I realise that mine are just snapshots - something to aspire to perhaps:)?

    robert, I'll think about the tea, cakes and stories idea, meanwhile it will soon be tea and cakes in the park time - date & walnut? :)

  5. The photo is wonderful!!
    Who would have thought photos of doors would be so captivating!?

  6. thanks, sissy - there is something about doorways or in fact entrances in general - i expect it is the excitement of what may be inside or around the corner.