Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm still taking things slowly but I thought, just to ease me gently back into blogging regularly, that I would share today's walk with you.

It seemed ages since we'd visited Dovedale so this morning off we went to walk there.

We walked from the car park and over the bridge to the opposite side of the river - the paths seemed better and more even underfoot since our last walk here.

Today the sun was shining - a welcome relief from all the grey, damp and rainy weather we've been experiencing of late. After a few days spent around home it was lovely to get out and about again!

The famous stepping-stones - these too seemed different to those we saw on our last visit.

Through the gate - well squeeze stile - and on to the path to Milldale - we'd decided not to walk all the way to Milldale this time so here is a link to the post I wrote about the village a while ago.

The path climbs up and away from the river bank for a while.

Up the stone steps to the rocky outcrop at the top and down the steps at the other side.

After a while we turned and retraced our steps back along the riverside; this time looking towards Thorpe Cloud. If you enlarge the photos you can see people walking along the ridge up towards the summit.

I love the view of this hill from the village of Ilam - it is one of my favourite views - here is a link to a post I wrote about Ilam a while ago now.

We crossed the river at the stepping stones and walked back along the path on the opposite side. After coffee and homemade biscuits back at the car we set out on our second walk which took us around the base of Thorpe Cloud.

We walked across the bridge again and up through the sheep on the hillside. The views were stunning.

The building you can see in the foreground is the Izaac Walton Hotel; behind it is Ilam Hall, now a youth hostel.

The summit of Thorpe Cloud; perhaps one day we will get up there but for today we were skirting around it.

Following the well-trodden way down to the path in the valley

which took us back to the path towards Milldale by the stepping stones which we crossed for the second time on our way back to the car park.

Here are a few more scenes from our morning's walk


  1. That looks like a lovely walk. Dovedale has been a regular place for us in the past but we haven't bee for a while! Last time we were there we walked up Thorpe Cloud and had a picnic on the top!

    We've had some great walks in the area, it's such a lovely place!

    Lovely photos, it's nice to see it again after so long!

  2. A beautiful morning walk Rosie. I wish I had been there with you enjoying the homemade biscuits too!

  3. It's nice to have you back. Hope you are OK.

    I saw this article in The Mail and thought it was a shame that they had to do it.

    I think Dovedale is one of the prettiest places and loved sharing your walk with you, thanks.x

  4. We went to Illam after you wrote about it last time and loved it - I woulod like to stay at the Youth Hostel at some time (Do they accept 50 year old codgers?? i suppose I could drag a couple of "youths" with me!!). Glad you got out and made the most of the fine weather. xxx

  5. Oh I love Dovedale ... I've got many happy memories of times spent there. My husband once had to carry our dog across those stepping stones ... a huge chow-chow prima donna who wouldn't get her feet wet, unlike our black lab now who launched herself into that river when she was four months old, chasing a duck!!! We didn't know she could swim!
    We have often stayed at Ilam Hall Caravan Club site .. it's a magical place! Thanks for sharing today!
    Love Kathy xxx
    P.S. It's nice to have you back!

  6. You do the nicest walks! I felt like I was alongside you,
    enjoying the lovely scenery!

  7. This is just the most beautiful walk I've ever seen! I would have loved to walk it with you and chat over cofeee and biscuits!

  8. It looks lovely, I really must visit Dovedale, I never seem to go down towards Ashbourne. Until yesterday that is when my friend and I went to the Manifold Valley and I discovered how lovely it is there. It only took an hour so there will be further visits soon. It's good to see you posting again.

  9. Louise - I'd love to be able to make it to the top and have a picnic - I'm going to try and see if my knees are up to it:)

    Simone - it was a lovely walk - I'm sure you would have enjoyed it and the biscuits:)

    Rosie - thanks so much for the link - it is some time since we'd been and we both noticed things looked different but didn't know the story behind it:)

    Diane - they would let you in I'm sure! Paul has a life membership to the YHA but it is years since we stayed in one - when we meet remind me to tell you the story of the one we stayed in in Yorkshire:)

    Kathy - I've always thought that the caravan site at Ilam looked nice. I saw one or two people carrying their dogs over the stones - other dogs were straight into the water and some of the children too:)

    Sal - thanks, it is such a lovely place:)

    Deb - wouldn't that have been great? I'm sure you would ahve enjoyed the walk:)

    Sarah - thanks glad you enjoyed loking at them:)

    Rowan - So pleased you have discovered the Manifold Valley - it is beautiful - we walk there quite often especially from Wetton Mill to Thor's cave:)

  10. You take such lovely walks Rosie - your corner of the world is both dramatic and beautiful.

    Good to see you back. I'm gently easing myself into blog mode too!


  11. Ah, thank you Jeanne - glad you enjoyed the walk! It's good to see you back blogging too:)

  12. Hi Rosie!

    Gosh, Dovedale, not been there for years! Great to see it again. Hope you are well.
    Rosie x

  13. Hi Rosie, glad to have you back, such stunning views from those hills!
    I hope you have a lovely Birthday!

  14. Rosie - good to see you here and back to blogging again:)

    Michela - glad you enjoyed the views! Thank-you for your birthday wishes - it's this weekend so I'm hoping to have a sunny day not a rainy one:)

  15. Such beautiful scenery to walk in! Love the stepping stones.

  16. Teresa - thanks - glad you enjoyed the walk - everyone was enjoying the stepping stones:)

  17. I know what you mean about easing back into blogging after a break... and I loved taking the walk with you. Beautiful shots. Helen x