Monday, August 30, 2010

At Ludlow

Ludlow, nestling  in the Shropshire Hills,  is a lovely historic town with some super shops and cafes and a wonderful market.  If any of you watched 'Countryfile' on BBC1 last night you will recognize the market from the photo below.

Ludlow is well known as a 'foodie' town; it's shops and markets are full of wonderful, local produce and there is a modern food centre on the Shrewsbury road on the outskirts of the town.  The building at the top left of the photograph  houses the Ludlow Information Centre and Museum.  We did have a browse around - it's free admission - and found it was a very interesting local museum with a super geology collection.

When we first arrived  we stopped for coffee on Church Street before setting off to look at some of the buildings around the town.  Ludlow is noted for its timber framed buildings some of which we managed to photograph.

The Feathers is probably the most well-known of these lovely buildings - below are some more

De Grey's tea rooms and town house on Broad Street - further down the street we found the lovely building below

and the wool shop, too!

We also had a wander around the Antique and Flea market in the  Ludlow College building before heading towards our main goal -  the castle.

 We had a good look around here and had lunch in the wonderful Castle Tea Rooms.  I think the castle deserves a post of its own so I'll be back with more.


  1. The Feathers' facade looks like a lace! Stunning blue sky! xxx

  2. Oh Rosie, I love Ludlow. We watched Country File last night too. The castle is brilliant ... much bigger than we expected from the outside.... and we ate in the tearoom too! Look forward to your next post!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. I saw it on Countryfile last night too. Its one of our favourite places although on my last visit it was a very cold Sunday morning. x

  4. Oh this brings back some fond memories. We had such a lovely time in Ludlow last June. We sat and watched it on TV last night too.

  5. Again, this looks so much like what I envision when I think of your country. I love it!

    Don't know if I mentioned this before or not, but your photo on your blog header is beautiful!

  6. Ive only ever been to Ludlow with work (in a previous life) I think that I got taken to the Feathers for lunch (always so much tastier when someone else is paying!!)I must pop it back on the list! I did see it on countryfile too - although I do wish John Craven would get his teeth sorted out!!! xxxx

  7. A belated happy birthday to you Rosie.

    Ludlow is lovely, you have made me want to return.

    That has got to be the most wonderful building for a wool shop.

  8. Such a picturesque town with its beautiful buildings. I love places such as this! x

  9. Ludlow is a town that I am unfamiliar with, though I would certainly love to visit. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I quite envy your visit to a real English tea room.

    Marie x

  10. I need to see the photo on the bench at Rufford with the big hair and shoulder pads!!!!!

  11. The buildings are wonderful. I'd imagine they are quite unique to the area. Thanks for showing the lovely town of Ludlow. I hope I get to visit one of these days. x