Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Step Back in Time - part 3

Are you still with me on our adventure? I do hope so! I promise this is the last post about Blists Hill!

The first stop when you enter the museum is the bank where you can change your money into old 'pound, shillings and pence' money to spend in the shops. When we arrived there were three school parties visiting and many of them were queuing at the bank so we decided to move on and go to the furthest point of the museum grounds first and work our way back towards the town.

This was a good idea as when we got back to the town it was lunch time and the shops were empty and the on site cafes and picnic areas were full. Here are some more shop interiors.

The haberdashery shop where I bought a handkerchief for 'threepence three farthings'

The Post Office. Up above the post office is a small museum dedicated to postal delivery services - it was actually quite interesting with plenty of old photos and oral history stories to listen to.

The General Provisions Store.

The printer at work - well having his cuppa! 'Votes for Women' was one of the most popular posters.

In the doctor's house the housekeeper was drying rose petals picked from the garden and also herbs over the fireplace for use in medicines.

Above is the kitchen at the doctor's house.

Inside the house next door to the sweet shop.

These were the travelling actors who gave a performance; the horse is called Casey.

Above a few more scenes around the museum - I hope you've enjoyed your visit!


  1. Delightful! It looks like the the man with the high hat is too tall to go through that door?
    In Holland the doors in previous centuries were smaller (and "shorter") because people in general were shorter.

  2. What a super post. I have never been here. Been to Beamish but this does seem on a different level. Definitely on the to do list now.
    By the way thank you for your comment on my blog so glad I got the pronunciation right for Ayscoughfee. It must have been fab working there and the grounds are still very beautiful.

  3. Looks like something my hubby and I would enjoy; someday, maybe, when I can brace myself for a long flight over the ocean! Thanks for the travel log!

  4. I would love to go to that museum. I like the Doctor's house where the housekeper is drying herbs. Years ago I went to a place called Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts which was a pilgrims village. We saw corn cobs hanging up to dry and actors dressed in period costume, and got a taste of what life was like for the pilgrims back then. You would have loved it Rosie!

  5. I remember changing my money - I have loved this visit Rosie and will definately make a visit again. xxxxx

  6. Thanks for your comment, I am feeling a little bit better again today so hopefully I'll be rid of it soon!

    Although I have been to Ironbridge a few times, I have not yet been to Blists Hill. I like the idea of changing my pounds and pence and spending old money! One day I will get round to going there! It looks like you had a nice day!

  7. We really must go and visit.I have enjoyed seeing the photos.

  8. you bet, it was smashing. Love Helen

  9. Here I am! How could I have missed part 3? I even saw you in the mirror! :)

  10. Ha, Michela - I wondered if anyone would notice me and if they did who it would be - Paul took a photo of me taking a photo - I just cropped it so that all that was left was the mirror. Well spotted!:)

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

    Where to next? ;-)