Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Butterfly Count

This is the week of the Big Butterfly Count you can still join in and help by spotting and recording butterflies and moths until Sunday 1st August. Just find a place to do the survey like your garden or a local park or beauty spot and sit and record what you see in just 15 minutes; enter the results on line. You can download a form and identification chart from the website.

I took this photo in the garden last year - I think it is a Speckled Wood - we've not seen as many butterflies this year so far.


  1. Do you know, we haven't seen any butterflies for ages - not here nor on our travels.
    That's very worrying!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. That's a pretty chocolate colored butterfly Rosie! Last year was the year of the butterfly -I've never seen so many butterflies in my life!

  3. After last year when the butterflies were plentiful, I have to say that I haven't seen many this year. The only ones I seem to see are the cabbage white which unfortunately get trapped in my conservatory and seem unable to find there way back out again.

  4. I might just give this a go. There is definitely a shortage of butterflies this year in my garden. It must be the two wet summers we've had.

  5. I am sad to say I have seen too few butterflies in my garden this year. It is not good i know.

  6. Thanks for this. I'm definitely going to give it a whirl. Like the others though I haven't seen too many butterflies at all.

  7. The butterflies are returning here now. August is usually full of them.

    I adore the new look here!! I feel as though I could disappear into that picture of the seaside with no trouble at all!

  8. Hi Rosie,

    I'm leaving this comment here as I don't seem to be able to leave comments on your latest post.

    Just stopping by to say thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you are not feeling too down about yours... look on the bright side - with the ever increasing petrol prices a bus pass might be very handy for future days out and exploring, free travel sounds good to me!

    Also, I did reply to your previous comments about the cake, but I'm not sure you'll have seen it as I just added another comment. Here is what I said...

    'I'm not a fan of carob and I'm not actually a vegan, I just have vegan tendencies! I just used normal chocolate on the cake.

    I picked up the tins on offer in morrisons a few weeks ago and they've already been very handy and used on several occasions! Summer hols = plenty of time to bake!

    Hope you're enjoying your break '

    I'll get round to my walks posts soon - we had some amazing views I think you'll enjoy them!

    I hope you have a great day on your birthday and don't become too depressed in the meantime!


  9. Hi Louise, hope you had a great birthday - I tried carob once but didn't like it very much. Thanks for your kind comment re my birthday:)

  10. Enjoy your break..have a wonderful time and lots of restful moments..See you..

  11. Thanks everyone for your coments re the butterflies hope some of you helped by doing the survey:)

    Duchess - thanks, I am enjoying the break:)

  12. Yes it is a Speckled Wood, I see them in my garden at this time of year too. I didn't get round to inputting my findings on the Big Butterfly Count website, but I did take note of what I'd seen during the period. I've seen the Common Blue butterfly in my garden this year, for the first time ever. x

  13. Thanks, Louise - on the day I did the survey all I saw were two cabbage whites and three small whites. Since them we've had quite a few peacocks in the garden but no tortoishells which is most strange. I'd love to see a common blue:)