Monday, May 17, 2010

The Biking Birder

This morning we walked in the Manifold Valley from Wetton Mill to Thor's Cave and back. We actually clambered up into the cave - of which more in another post. On the way back we came across a man lying in a field photographing orchids. He stopped for a chat and we found out his fascinating story.

Gary Prescott, otherwise known, for this year at least, as the biking birder is taking a year out of his job to travel the length and breadth of the UK by cycle visiting every RSPB and WWT Nature Reserve open to the public and spotting as many species of bird as he can in aid of charity. Here is a link to his - website - so you can see his itinerary and which charities he is supporting. Yesterday he was at the local RSPB site at Coombes Valley - here is a link to their - blog - for the story of his visit.

He also has a blog (link) on which he records his journeys. I've just been reading his posts from the last couple of months and it turns out that he visited the Glaslyn Osprey Project - link- which was just down the road from where we were staying a couple of days after we visited. Sometimes it is a very small world.

Good Luck with the rest of your itinerary, Gary - it was a pleasure meeting you.


  1. What an interesting man to find on your walk!

  2. How spooky Rosie, I do feel that we were seperated at birth!!! I shall read his blog with great interest - how great that you "happened " upon him. I too spotted some gorgeous baby Goslings too, but they were too far away to photograph. xxxxx

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. I still remember meeting you though it seems like the life of another person not me.
    Now back at work, teaching in a special school in Worcestershire.
    All the very best to you all,

  4. Hi Gary, glad you are back safe and sound after what must have been a wonderfully adventurous year! Thanks for stopping by:)