Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yellow and Blue

It seems ages since my last post! I haven't been on the computer very much because a recurring injury has made it uncomfortable to sit for very long in an upright position. A few years ago now I bent down to place a bowl of cat food on the cat's tray and felt something 'pop'. After numerous visits to the surgery, laying with hot water bottles on my stomach/chest and eventually paying for a scan because the Doctor was flummoxed and I'm sure didn't believe that there was anything wrong, I finally found out that I had snapped a piece of cartilage between my rib cage and sternum. I was uncomfortable for a whole summer, well, would you believe it has happened again! So, that is the blue because that is how I'm feeling right now.

Here is some cheerful yellow from photos taken today on a walk around Trentham Gardens and Lake.

Marsh Marigolds down by the lake

Daffodils in the Marie Curie 'Field of Hope' near the cafe and play area. There are over 60,000 daffodils planted here.

Forsythia - I've noticed so many of these lovely, vibrant shrubs around this year, especially in local gardens and in the streets around here.

My apologies if I haven't visited or commented on your blogs I can only manage to sit for a short while so I'm just reading when I can to see what you have all been doing.


  1. Hi Rosie, sending you a big hug and best wishes for a super speed recovery! xxx

  2. Ouch!
    You poor girl.
    My advice... recline by a sunny window and enjoy the spring. Perhaps with a good book. And some dark chocolate.
    Feel better!

  3. Sounds nasty!! Hope it doesn't stay painful for long. Time to recline and watch a few fave films - as the weather has also turned and is no longer favourable for being outdoors. Get well soon Rosie. xxx

  4. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog earlier, yes Little Moreton is lovely!

    That's an injury I've never heard of before and it doesn't sound pleasant. I hope it doesn't cause too much discomfort and you recover quickly.

  5. Hope you feel better soon.I can sympathise.I have problems with the facet joints in my back which give me referred pain in my pelvis.Every morning i wake up in agony but as soon as I get moving it eases.No gardening for you for a bit.

  6. Hope things get better soon, take care. Amanda x

  7. Sorry to read about your 'blue'. There were we fair chuffed at the thought of seeing you and Paul next week. Are you really up to the trip? 90 minutes in a car is a long time. The only good thing about such dislocations is that they can snap back into place just as quickly as they happen. Take care. Love from us both.

  8. Ouch! it sounds very painful.I hope you start to feel better very soon. xxx

  9. Ouch Rosie - that sounds nasty indeed! Take it slow and easy and get well very soon.

    Your new header is gorgeous btw:-)


  10. Ouch! I feel for you on that cartilege! I did the same with my shoulder a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it was the arm I used my crutch with in order to walk.......

    I must warn you that although it healed fine, it still gives the occasional twinge, just to warn me to be careful!

    Like the look of Trentham gardens - must lure Mr.G down there sometime!

  11. Michela - hug received, thanks:)

    Pamela - sunny window, book and chocolate - I feel better already:)

    Diane - perhaps Enchanted April, Much Ado about Nothing or Ladies in Lavender are called for:)

    Louise - thanks, I love Little Moreton at Christmas:)

    busybee - your aches and pains sound very uncomfortable - I think it does help to keep moving:)

    Amanda - thanks - hope all your painting has been done now:)

    Robert - don't worry I'll be there clutching my Ibruprofen (sp?) see you soon:)

    Rosie - thanks - I hope so too:)

    Jeanne - have slowed down a lot this last week - glad you like the new header:)

    Gilly - thanks - that must have been very painful in your shoulder! I'm sure you would love Trentham - there are lots of things to do there:)

  12. Hello Rosie! I am sorry you have the blues and hope that you are soon 'mended' I do like the yellows of spring. We have a lot of yellow in the garden at the moment. Sending you a virtual hug - a real one would be too painful anyway! x

  13. Hope you feel better soon, Rosie! Just take it easy, instead of being too "responsible!"

  14. There is a daffodil for my Mum planted in a Field of Hope somewhere? It's such a lovely idea, and a pleasure to see too. I do hope that recurring back injury calms down soon. I am pleased you are getting to look in to the blogs, wouldn't we miss them if we couldn't! x

  15. Simone - thanks for the virtual hug - love your new chickens:)

    jeanetee - thanks, I'm trying to leave things and just relax but it is very hard:)

    Louise - I can only read a few blogs at a time - could do with a wireless lap-top! I wonder where your special daffodil is? :)

  16. Oh, poor Rosie, that sounds very grim. I do hope that you get well soon. In the meantime enjoy the sunshine whilst you can and hopefully you will be right as rain.

  17. Hope your back feels better soon, dear Rosie. Lots of good wishes going your way. . . .

  18. Hi Rosie, hope you're feeling a lot better..I just wanted to let you have my new address ;-)
    Michela xxx

  19. Valerie - I'm enjoying the sunshine but wishing I could do more outside in the garden:)

    Karen - bless you for sending good wishes:)

    Michela - is that you? I've only been away for a week and you have changed - you have been busy my friend:)

  20. O Goodness..take care Rosie...sit at the sea shore and take it easy:)