Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I spy.......

In the garden today......

Frogspawn in the Pond

Fairly tidy raised beds waiting to be planted. Chives growing in the front.

Wild Garlic under the hazel tree near the shed.

Rhubarb - crumbles and custard very soon!

Buds on the rhododendron and fresh lupin leaves.

Pink Heather near the steps up to the top lawn.

Daffodils and aquilegia leaves growing at the back of the greenhouse near the wildlife log pile.


  1. Such a tidy and neat garden! xxx

  2. Hurray for the frogspawn!! Your Rhubarb is way bigger than mine!! I love the idea of raised beds, but alas my garden is only a pocket hankerchief - still, I do get lot out of it. Once it warms up, everything will come on in leaps and bounds!! xxxxx

  3. I am in awe of your tidiness!
    It all looks like it is coming on so well! ;-)

  4. Oh my what a very tidy, organised garden. I am so envious!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. Rosie , your garden is so organised! I wish my rhubarb was as high as yours! Mine has been very late in coming through this year. Frogspawn too! How lovely!!!x

  6. your garden looks so pretty and very neat and tidy too! mine is so unruley at the moment. rhubarb crumble is my fave :o)


  7. I'm trying to conjure up a space for rhubarb in my garden. I bought some from Waitrose the other day, and before I could use it in a crumble, it went off! I hope you had a great Easter weekend. x

  8. I love your raised beds. They make a great separation between the grass and what you're trying to grow. Lovely, lovely spring!

  9. It's great to see things growing again.We have just a very small veg bed but always grow runner beans and this year we are doing courgettes and mixed salad leaves and also herbs.

  10. What a wonderful garden you have Rosie. Frogspawn, wild garlic, lots of lovely buds and new leaves - and to top it all you have a fantastic Rhubarb plant! I love crumble and custard!!

    Jeanne x

  11. Love your garden..and isn't it wonderful to be outside in the mud!!