Sunday, February 28, 2010


Our Cranks recipe book has finally given up the ghost. We've had it since 1982 and as you can see it has been well used over the years. The food spattered, yellowed with age pages have all come loose and the photos now live at the back of the book where the index used to be. I'm not sure where the index got to!

It was time to think about a replacement! Would it still be in print? Yes, indeed it was and it arrived with a plop on the doormat late last week from Amazon.

I haven't got used to the shiny and clean one yet; it feels more like a charming new acquaintance than a loved and familiar friend. I'm quite impressed by the modern and stylish cover though; what a difference in twenty eight years!


  1. Mine is well used too!!
    I love this book! I love a visit to Cranks at Dartington too!! ;-)

  2. I used to have this book too, and I loved mine - but I haven't seen it, or used it for ages. I wonder if I still have it. I shall toddle off now and have a look for it, brinbg it out of retirement. Lovely book!

  3. I've got a cookery book that is well used too - you can find my favourite recipes easily because the pages are stuck together there.
    Kathy xxx

  4. Oh yes, my favourite recipe books are tattered, too!

  5. When I worked in London (eons ago)I remember often going for lunch at Cranks restaurant - always good nutritious food at reasonable prices. I wonder if it's still there ...

    Love the trendy photo!

    Jeanne x

    PS I'm adding you to my Musings Blog Roll - hope that's OK;)

  6. I think I have a Cranks recipe book somewhere too! I used to go into Cranks for lentil soup many years ago. I love all that wholesome food!

  7. Oh..we have lots of books in our kitchen like that one ;-)
    Hope you & yours are all fine xxxx

  8. I've heard of a 'crank' but never of the recipe book. I shall have to investigate. Both covers look equally nice, set off by that lovely spotty backdrop. x

  9. Sal - it is good to hear that they still have a restaurant - how lucky you are to live nearby:)

    Helen - I hope you find your Cranks book - although Vegetarian cooking has changed over the years I still love some of those first homely recipes:)

    Kathy - my BeRo book has stuck together pages especially around the cakes and scones:)

    Pamela - to be tattered is to be well loved I think:)

    Jeanne - I remember visiting Cranks restaurants when we visited London - it was always a treat - thank you for the link I will add you to my sidebar, too:)

    Simone - the Lentil soup was wonderful wasn't it? Perhaps you will seek out your book and use it again?:)

    Michela - I can imagine your wonderful Italian kitchen - we are fine hope you are too:)

    Louise - I expect that is where the name comes from as in the early 60s when they first started Vegetarians were seen as cranks:)

  10. I remember Cranks - both in Covent Garden and at Dartington Hall - I loved them both - quite easily the best food I have ever tasted in my life, and the only people to make Salads "to die for". I have their Soup book, but not the one that you have, so I may need to treat myself. xxxxxx

  11. it's my own favourite, trusted companion in the kitchen. glad to know that copies can still be found :o)