Saturday, February 06, 2010

I've been given an award by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. - thankyou very much! I also have to list 7 things about myself. I always find it hard to talk about myself but I'll have a try and hope not to bore you too much:)

I was born in a big midlands city but when I was five we moved to a small village in North East Derbyshire.

I had Scarlet Fever when I was five just before we moved. I was ill at grandma's house and she looked after me. I remember being on a mattress on the floor in the corner of her room and tying myself up in the sheets because I was so restless and feverish.

I've worn glasses since the age of seven. When I went back to school after having measles and even though I remember being kept in a darkened room, the head teacher noticed that I was having difficulty copying things from the blackboard (as they were called then) into my exercise book from my desk at the back of the class room.

I love the theatre and in particular Shakespeare's plays - when I was a teenager I used to sit up quite late at night to watch the Wars of the Roses plays on the television. I was 17 when I first saw a play at the theatre at Stratford - I still have the programme in my collection.

I really don't like spiders!

I can't bear being stuck somewhere without a book to read. If I have something to read I can wait for ages in a queue, for a hospital appointment, for a late train or anywhere else you have to wait for ages.

I have a fear of huge mechanical objects inside buildings - for example I love steam trains and engines in the outdoors but feel overwhelmed by their hugeness if they are indoors in sheds or workshops.

I have to nominate other bloggers for this award and as usual I'm going to say if you want to please take the award with you and let me know if you decide to have a go at the seven things.


  1. I had scarlet fever when I was was small too Rosie. You never seem to hear of children having it nowadays. I also had measles and had to lie in a darkened room in case I went blind and I wear glasses too! We seem to have a few things in common except I don't mind spiders!

  2. I never had scarlet fever, but I do remember having measles which I passed on to my baby sister. She was extremely ill and I remember my parents being really, really worried. Luckily she made a full recovery. Thank goodness for the MMR jab these days.
    I also have to have something to read if I'm waiting somewhere ... it doesn't have to be a book, I'll read leaflets, packets, dusty old magazines in waiting rooms, posters on the wall, even the dreaded HELLO and OK mags at the hairdressers.
    I've just noticed your photo of Ilam church at the side of your blog. Isn't Ilam one of the most wonderful places to be? It's like the land time forgot.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love Kathy xxx

  3. Nice to get a little better acquainted with you Rosie! I remember having chicken pox...but was fortunate in being able to skip the "honor" of scarlet fever.

    Re: on waiting.... I'm usually knitting... and secretly hoping that it's substantial wait... so I can knit without feeling like I should be doing something else like laundry, cleaning... etc, etc! :-)

  4. Congrats on your award! I used to copy from the blackboard too ;-)

  5. Simone - seems like we have much in common - except the spiders!

    Kathy - measles can make you very ill, yes, thank goodness for the jab Ilam is one of my favourite places - I love the views of Thorpe Cloud beyond the church - absolute heaven:)

    Teresa, thank goodness you missed out on the scarlet fever - I had every childhood illness going except whooping cough - never did get that:)

    Michela - thank you - I'm glad you did, too:)